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  1. Please read Captian Obvious's post. He quoted me in his comment. ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ’
  2. I don't know what a G14 is, but I have the Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 Super. Two HDMI and Two Display Ports. They covered up unused ports with shields that are incredibly tough to remove. So when I went looking for ports and almost broke these shields trying to pry them off, I figured they were permanent and there was nothing behind them. Should have hunted down a spec sheet for my graphics card instead.
  3. I ranted about this on a solo post, but before I went back into the store and spoke with the guy that actually built my computer. Instead of the apprentice tech I got last time. Turns out my computer has two display ports hidden behind permanent looking shields. So I misspoke here, in every possible way. My apologies.
  4. This time I went to talk with the guy that built my computer, instead of an apprentice tech I got last time. Yup so my computer has two display ports hidden behind permanent looking shields. That's nice. Now this post is an embarrassment and I'm looking for the delete button. ๐Ÿ˜ฃyikes My fault. I apologize, HTC, and others.
  5. So a little while ago, I had my local computer store build me a $4k computer. Laughed at me when asked him if it's VR Ready. "Of course it is." Yesterday I bought the Cosmos from the same store. The graphics card in my comp has two HDMI outputs and no Display Port. You literally can't plug this VR device into my VR Ready computer. He was selling me the Cosmos while the incompatible computer they sold me was right in front of his face on his computer screen. Came back today and they sold me an 'adapter' cord that doesn't work either. These are "computer experts". Apparently "VR Ready" is an arbitrary concept. Not an actual certification that a particular computer is READY to use a VR device. Vive live chat figured out it's the cord and just plopped me into the main page of this forum to find a compatible adapter. ... ok? I'll just figure it out myself I guess. She couldn't "promise anything". ? Cause HTC can't afford to put a $3 adapter into their $1,000 product so I don't have to research this for hours, hunt down a spec sheet for my graphics card to confirm which USB 3 port is 'wired to it' (for some nonsensical reason) then find the correct adapter on amazon and wait three weeks for it to come in the mail. And then pray it works. And it's probably going to screw the screen resolution too. When I could have spent half the money elsewhere and got a VR headset that I just plug in and turn on. But these things are final sale, for some reason. While my viveport trial is burning up. After they took my credit card info just to use the damn service. A service that I'm not getting because computer experts can't tell the difference in ports. I have a nice looking thousand dollar blue paperweight sitting in my closet. You got to be kidding me. Anybody want to buy a blue piece of crap that the ones who do this for a living don't know how to plug it into a computer?
  6. Half of your product links here don't work. How come if you can simply convert USB 3 into a display port signal, why doesn't Vive include this in the box of their $1,000 headset, which would cost them $3 to manufacture? Do you really need to look at a spec sheet of your graphics card to see which ones are 'wired' to it? Really? I thought there was only one kind of 'VR Ready'. Guess I was wrong, hey?
  7. Are you going to tell anyone what this connector is?
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