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  1. @Tony PH Linthanx Even for corporate devices? Corporate customers require full logs and recordings of VR trainings for analysis and examination. If customer switch recording on and off manually he forgets to do it regularly and we can't connect recording to the training data. How do you recommend to satisfy the demand for training video recording?
  2. @Tony PH Lin Hi Tony, do you have any responce about dev video capture API?
  3. @chengnay @Tony PH Lin Thank you. Hi, Tony. We produce VR trainining courses using Focus Plus. Our client - InterRAO, the major electricity generation company in Russia - wants to record all the actions during the training. We find video recording option in the last Focus Plus firmware. To start recording it's necessary to choose Screen recording option in the local menu of the HMD. Captured videos are stored in Movies\Sreenrecorder folder of the HMD. We need to start and stop this videorecording not manually from local HMD menu but automatically from our application - start recording at the begining of the training and stop at the end of it. The questions is how can we do it from our Unity app.
  4. @chengnay Video recording is working inside Focus Plus. I just need to open context menu and start recording. The only question is how to start and stop recording not manually but from unity app. Maybe you can adviise to whom i can address this question? We have a big client to whom this functionality is very important.
  5. @chengnay I mean we use standalone Focus Plus with android. We need to capture video inside HMD without computer
  6. @chengnay i do not understand. where should I add the command? we use Unity sdk to create apps
  7. Hi, maybe somebody knows how is it possible to capture video in Focus Plus and save it to disk? I mean start/stop capture inside application
  8. yes, i should choose SDK at run time. the question is how to check at runtime what was choosen. But it seems I found the anwer. I can check VRModule.isOculusAndroidVRSupported for example.
  9. @chengnay We have a start scene where teach user how to use controlers. Since Quest and Focus have different controllers (we use our customized models) the scenario is slightly different. So i need to know which scenrio to use. We also use the same app on a tablet connected with the helmet by Wifi using Mirror sdk in a slavemode so i need to know which model to show on a slave tablet. Now I simply state the HMD type at compile time but it's not very convinient during development. It would be much better to understand HMD type or it's abcense at runtime.
  10. Thanks a lot! One more question. I try to dectect what hardware uses the app - Vive Focus, Oculus Quest or HMD is absent, I call VRModule.GetDeviceState(0).deviceModel in GameObject.Start(). Bur it seems it's not a safe way. Sometimes it returns "OculusHMD" but sometimes "Unknown". I thought it's because VRModule could be not initialised at the the time of the call and move it to Update(). But it's the same unpredictable. What is the right way to detect the hardware?
  11. @chengnayThank you, it's working. It would be greate if you could provide sample code for smooth moving.
  12. @chengnay Unity 2019.4.11f1, Oculus XR Plugin 1.5.0, Unity XR Plugin Management 3.2.13 (today swiitched to 3.2.16), XR Legacy Input Helpers 2.1.4, VIU Grip and Trigger works fine on both left and right Oculus Quest Controllers, so the roles are correct. Both ViveInput.GetPress(handRole, ControllerButton.Grip) and ViveInput.GetTriggerValue(handRole) works. But ViveInput.GetPadAxis(handRole) returns always (0,0); Script: // Animating controller that updates with the tracked controller. public class TouchController : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] protected Animator m_animator = null; [SerializeField] protected HandRole handRole; private void Update() { Vector2 v2 = ViveInput.GetPadAxis(handRole); Debug.Log(v2.x.ToString() + " " + v2.y.ToString()); m_animator.SetFloat("Grip", ViveInput.GetPress(handRole, ControllerButton.Grip) ? 1.0f : 0.0f); m_animator.SetFloat("Trigger", ViveInput.GetTriggerValue(handRole)); } }
  13. Hi, could you please help me with locomotion. 1. Do VIU have a method to move player not by teleporting but by smothly moving with tuchpad or oculus stick ? 2. To do it by myself I tried to read position of stick on Oculus Quest controller with ViveInput.GetPadAxis. But it always return (0,0). Maybe it is wrong method? @chengnay
  14. Hi, do VIU have controller's model for Vive Focus Plus? There is only Vive Focus Finch model in the list of Override Model in RenderModelHook. And can I find somewhere any VIU dev guid? I managed to find only this https://docplayer.net/97430748-Vive-input-utility-developer-guide.html It is goof enough, at least I understand difference between IColliderEventPressDownHandler and IColliderEventPressEnterHandler that was practically impossible without docs and comments in scripts but it is 2017 and I'm afraid is slightly outdated.
  15. Hi there, we have developed apps for Oculus Quest with Unity and now want to port them to Vive Focus Plus. Want to find some universal solution which will work on Focus, Qeust and maybe Pico. We are a bit of confused with HTC SDKs. Are we right that we should use VIU as universal SDK solution plus use WAVE for Focus and Oculus tools for Oculus respectively as low level SDKs? We also can't find any API doc with classes description etc... Does it exist? Any task becomes a problem without doc. For ex, how can I discover HMD availability? In Oculus SDK we have class OVRManager. OVRManager.isHMDPresent - the flag. Can't find the same in VIU because can't understand the SDK principle without proper docs 😞 Help please :-)
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