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  1. My Vive Cosmos works good with RTX 3080 without any tracker or visual issue. (But I'm using wireless adapter also. This may be the cause of the difference.) This is my system CPU : i9-9900k MB : MSI Z390 Ace Ram : 16GB / 4200Mhz CL18 GPU : Palit RTX 3080 GamingPro OC PCI : Vive Wireless PCI-E Card I can't believe the fact that official supporter said that RTX 3080 is not compatible graphics card. Really??? Will they seriously not support the RTX 3080? I sincerely hope that is not true.
  2. Motion Compensation in Vive Console settings. It works with RTX 2080. but not with RTX 3080.
  3. I'm using Vive Cosmos with RTX 3080. Most of them are fine, but motion compensation doesn't work. (Not supported GPU message) There was no problem with the RTX 2080. I hope to fix this problem. Thanks!
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