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  1. I simply forgot to include the Eye_Framework in my game - so the pupil diameter measurement now works completely fine! thanks for your again help @MariosBikos_HTC! @cte As the code mentioned before is in c++ you always have a .cpp and a .h file and the second one is called header file.
  2. Hey @MariosBikos_HTC, till now I could not figure out why I do not get proper pupil size values. Sometimes the data is not valid and therefore the returned pupil size equals 0.0f. In other cases (without changing anything) the data is valdi but still equals 0.0f. Any ideas on that? I really appreciate your help!
  3. Thank you again - you really helped a lot! So I added following to the SRanipal_FunctionLibrary_Eye.cpp (and of course adjusted the header file) and following to the SRanipal_Eye.cpp And it seems to work - at least I do not get any errors. But I only get the 0.0f as diameter result and I check the validity first so that cannot be the reason... @MariosBikos_HTC
  4. Thank you for the fast reply! Do you mean the SRanipal_FunctionLibrary_Eye instead of USRanipalEye_FunctionLibrary and SRanipal_Eye instead of SRanipalEye_Core? I cannot find neither the USRanipalEye_FunctionLibrary nor the SRanipalEye_Core...
  5. I try to get the pupil diameter data in Unreal/ C++ which is not included as a function in the SRanipal_FunctionLibrary_Eye. That's the reason why I tried to directly get the verboseData or EyeData through SRanipal_Eye eg. like this: int result = SRanipal_Eye::Instance()->GetEyeData_(&eye_data) For some reason I always get the compiler error "error LINK2019: unresolved external symbol". So far I could not work out my mistake so I would be very grateful for a short example/ code snippet on how to access the pupil diameter data in Unreal/ C++ with SRanipal (not Tobii!). Thanks in advance @MariosBikos_HTC
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