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  1. NICE! I'll hang out till the 24th then since it isn't much more of a wait. Just found some time today between playing with a Shimmer GSR to give this another go. I'll update this forum after the release and see if it is working for me next time I have a chance to dig into the eye tracking SDK. Thanks for the help so far 🙂
  2. @MariosBikos_HTC has the update for this released? I'm trying a re-downloaded version of the SDK and am still getting some errors that are different than those you've helped me with above. Namely: AND -------------------------------------------------- Please let me know if I'm doing something wrong on my end. The process has been as follows: 1. Start new blank C++ project in UE4.25.3 2. Close project and paste in extracted plugin from: https://hub.vive.com/en-US/download found in "SRanipal_version\03_Unreal\Vive-SRanipal-Unreal-Plugin.zip" 3. Start project -- Error State -- 4. Opened Visual Studio file and go to build. -- Error States -- <See above> ------------------------------------------------- Best, Connor Esterwood
  3. Awesome, I'll give that a shot tomorrow some time and see if I can't get things running. Thanks for the prompt reply and super helpful visuals 🙌🙌🙌 -CTE
  4. @MariosBikos_HTC Maybe you could be of help here since I'm following the revisions you did to the plugin but it still isn't working. Thanks btw if you find the time.
  5. Problem I'm having some difficulty getting the plugin for unreal engine installed for the Vive Pro Eye Headset. Following the directions in the documentation leads to compile errors when I go to launch the project. In short, I can't get the plugin to compile or the project to load correctly. Done: [X] - Installed and running steam VR [X] - Installed and running SR_Runtime [X] - Calibrated Eye Tracker in Steam VR Error Trigger Pasted unzipped unreal plugin into C++ blank UE4 project. Returned message from unreal: Result of manual compilation via project.sln Menu -> Build -> Build Solution -------------------------------------------------------- I'm also trying to follow the directions in part 3 of : ------------------------------------------------------------ For Context: I'm a researcher at the University of Michigan and have a series of studies I would like to gather eye tracking data from (especially blink rate and pupil dilatation). We are using a fully developed VR environment in UE4 to give several treatments to participants.
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