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  1. Greetings Fellow members I just very recently bought myself an HTC Vive Cosmos and have been enjoying it. I just had the issue that things tend to be blurry from time to time. whihc I thought was because I use glasses and I'm not wearing them whilst using the Vive since they're kinda big. HOWEVER, I found out today that that wasn't the issue. I found it odd that the image is something between cristal clear and blurry from time to time, and thus I tried closing my right and left eye to see if there was an issue. And there is! When I close my right eye the image is cristal clear, but when I close my left the image is blurry. And it's not my eyes as my eyes are both equally nearsighted. Is there a solution for this? I hope I don't have to send it back as I just got my headset. Any advice is welcome Kind regards Ras
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