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  1. With some research i think it might be the chipset, 20$ and some sawdering should fix it, but i'm not 100% it might or might not
  2. sorry, got pulled a bit off course for this with life stuff, they stop working entirely and don't work again. after some research i'm fairly certain it's either my chipset(what i'm thinking right now tbh) or my chord itself. and yeah, tried that and a lot of other debugging steps including: uninstalling all vive software and reinstalling, uninstalling the usb drivers and reinstalling, resetting the usb drives themselves and unplugging and replugging- too many times in the vain hope it would magically fix itself XD
  3. My usb ports stop working for my cosmos after a while, i can usually just move onto a new one to fix this problem but i''ve run out, anyone else encounter something like this?
  4. Absolutely better in rifle position, much more stable, though the rear hand will freeze if too close to my body
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