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  1. davidmashkovich1991@gmail.com
  2. I repeated all the steps one by one, removed the driver, restarted the computer and the vive console, the update downloaded, launched the helmet and nothing changed, it still writes that the driver is damaged
  3. Good news: the problem is definitely not in the helmet, I tested the helmet on another computer and the update installed well, but the issue with my computer is still not resolved, how will I get future updates? (I hope they will)
  4. Да, я перезагрузил компьютер, и началось обновление, оно скачало 48 мб, но не помогло, отправил еще один отчет о проблеме, тикет: 50211135, trace: 20200910191718 "Я получил сообщение от службы поддержки, в котором повторяются решения этой проблемы, которые уже описаны на сайте HTC VIVE, хотя я сказал, что они мне не помогли. Еще хочу добавить, что если после ошибки 001 перезапустить коммуникационный модуль, то шлем запускается и появляется окошко с надписью FIRMWARE UPDATE, если его игнорировать, шлем работает и можно даже запускать игры (я пишу тикет пока шлем находится в этом состоянии, так что отчет может содержать необходимые данные), но если я начну обновление, то оно начнется с 54%, а когда достигнет 60%, то появится ошибка 008, как я уже описывал ранее одни, удаление драйвера устройства «Мой HTC» и полная очистка реестра от всех упоминаний HTC и VIVE мне тоже не помогли, хочу в будущем попробовать запустить шлем на другом ПК, пока нет возможности » Automated translation: Yes, I rebooted my computer and the update started, it downloaded 48 MB, but it didn’t help, I sent another problem report, ticket: 50211135, trace: 20200910191718 "I received a support message that repeated the solutions for this problem that are already described on the HTC VIVE site, although I said they did not help me. I also want to add that if, after error 001, restart the communication module, the helmet starts up and a window appears with the inscription FIRMWARE UPDATE, if you ignore it, the helmet works and you can even start games (I am writing a ticket while the helmet is in this state, so the report can contain the necessary data), but if I start the update, it will start from 54%, and when it reaches 60%, then error 008 will appear, as I described earlier alone, removing the device driver "My HTC" and completely cleaning the registry from all references HTC and VIVE didn't help me either, I want to try to launch the helmet on another PC in the future, there is no way yet "
  5. UPD: similar driver appeared in the driver store explorer
  6. unfortunately, this did not help, the errors are repeated and the "my htc" driver disappeared from Device Manager after deletion
  7. Every time I try to install the helmet driver(original cosmos), I get error 001 about 45% of the installation progress. None of the solutions to this problem worked. For the first time it started when I switched to version beta, everything worked fine, but I couldn't switch back to the regular version, before all the updates went through without problems. Now beta is out and the problem remains! I tried to reinstall the software and steamvr as well, forbid windows to turn off the power of usb 3.0. to save power. Also, if after error 001 appears, restart the communication module, error 008 appears. System configuration: MSI B450M motherboard AMD ryzen 5 3600 GTX 1660ti 16gb RAM Windows 10 maybe someone already had a similar problem? I already submit an issue report
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