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  1. I think it's still in beta, I could be wrong. On there website you should be able to go to the windows version and check the status of the beta
  2. Hey guys, I have a Cosmos Elite 2. In Steam, I can select a non-VR game and have it play in theater mode. I then use OpenTrack to use the HMD for head tracking and it works fine. I am curious though: Is there a way to do this without using Steam (e.g. for non Steam games)? I specifically want to try to get a Game Pass game working on a large in HMD (but not VR/3D I guess?) in my Vive. I tried adding the game to Steam, but I can't get it to work as it is installed as a Windows store app. Thanks for any assistance!
  3. I’m still rocking a RX480 and Intel 6600 non-k Which while a little slow have been chugging along just fine for the last 2 years I’ve had a Vive pro until 2 days ago Since then every time I load up Steam VR I’ll be fine for about 10 minutes, then the world freezes and gets stuck to my face and then my GPU crashes taking my monitors and headset down with it. More recently these crashes lead to looping recurring crashes even after quitting VR I’ve tried updating my GPU drivers, disabling unnecessary GPU features and overclocking, reducing resolution to reduce GPU load, uninstalling Steam VR, reinstalling, installing the beta, removing the Vive drivers and reinstalling those. I’m at a complete loss, I was playing hours upon hours everyday for weeks, then I could only play for like 10 minutes, now it crashes in Steam VR Home after less than 5 The only overlays I’m running are: OVR Advanced Settings YUR fitness Virtual Desktop Dashboard (it can do UAC prompts which is nice, but I’ve disabled it before and found no difference)
  4. The other thing is to check, is whether you are running out of USB Resources. You can check by opening Devices and Printers option. Right click on the various Vive components in that window (OR any others just to check) and see if any have a yellow triangle with the Troubleshoot message. If they have the yellow triangle, try unplugging various other USB devices that might not be required then unplug and replug the vive ones. Then check that none of the vive ones have a yellow triangle
  5. I recently am having a few audio startup problems with my Vive Pro. After starting up SteamVR I need to restart the headset or else the audio is distorted/crackles. After this, all works well. I have checked my SteamVR installation (checked file integ) and all is fine. I thought it may be useful to re-install my Vive software to see if better drivers are available. Is this a good idea and if so, how am I best to do this. Thanks.
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