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    Fixed in latest beta for me.
  2. Just played an hour of Boneworks as that about as much as i can take and can confirm headset works great. Using weapons and getting around in general no problem. Can i please ask if you can have a look why the aim down sight tracking is subpar in Onward and Zero Caliber. As i am happy to confirm now it works great in Boneworks and also in Pavlov like i have mentioned before.
  3. Just tested, it seems way better in half life with no sticky hand when holding pistol with 2 hands. Holding controls beside and under the HMD is very good and dose not stick half as much up close. Now if we can just get it the 2 centre cameras to behave when the controller is up in ADS this headset will be awesome to use. I like it anyways just needs a few more tweaks to be the only VR i use. For now i have to keep my rift s for onward . Which is strange because the cosmos works pretty faultless in Pavlov.
  4. Give Pavlov a go. It is so much better, just wish the other shooters were this good.
  5. After having a Pavlov session tonight i'm wondering why this shooter tracks better than pretty much every game on the vive cosmos. Onward, zero calibre and half-life don't come close. ADS in Pavlov is superb and i had to really try to get the gun stuck. I'm no software engineer by any stretch of the imagination but surely the tracking system must be set up differently in Pavlov. Its so much better, i mean its pretty much on par with the Rift s. Please can you have a look into this, the headsets colour and image is so enjoyable, but i am having to keep my rift s still as the
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