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  1. Please read the thread subject. The thread is about the ASUS ROG Zephyrus G14 laptop and its support for the HTC vive. @Captain Obvious There is no documentation on more than one display port on the Asus ROG G14 fromthe specs. There is an extra HDMI port, which has proven not to work well with the GPU when used with the HTC vive.
  2. Several reasons 1. There are several kinds of cables, I had to order 2. One worked on my android chipsetsand another worked with my Asus ROG with AMD. HTC vive don't know what you have. Putting a cable that only a small fraction would use is not cost-effective in a hightly competitive VR market. Think of that long sync cable you likely have and not using - you don't want to bundle all that. Also the cables have converters, its not a $3 cable, its about 3 $10 each on retail. 2. The USB-C to to display port connector standard came out on September 2014. That is 2 years before the vive came out and likely was coming out during the design of the vive. The could not anticipate if people would actually use it. 3. If I would complain it would be to Asus that 1. didn't document it well at all. 2. When I got Asus Zenbooks they came with the VGA adapters, this would be a similar cable missing. That and the camera, not sure what they were thinking with that. But honestly, once you know this you get the cable and get on with life. I was on lockdown with the VR I could not use and no way to get cable, I feel your frustration.
  3. I hit another issue now, but its an Nvidia issue lacking async reprojection in their linux drivers: https://github.com/ValveSoftware/SteamVR-for-Linux/issues/214#issuecomment-629634692
  4. Success I got mine working using this cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/snapshot/0.html Also amazingly it works for me both on Windows and Linux Ubuntu 20.04 too! On Linux I can plug a screen on HDMI, use the laptop screen and also use the USB-C for display port connector and use that for VR. Note: I also got another cable that didn't work. There is a difference between the cable above and the thunderbolt 3. THIS CABLE DID NOT WORK, https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000165702367.html And its not defective, I can plug my Samsung Galaxy S10e to it and see my phone's screen, so I guess its not useless.
  5. @fransan can you post the exact product you are using? There a are quite a few types of displayport converters and I don't know what to pick.
  6. Any news on this? Have the same issue too. I managed to play using the iGPU, but that seem like a bad setup. Using the dGPU makes more sense.
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