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  1. @JustinVive I've messaged you the serial number and the firmware version.
  2. @JustinVive yes, there was an app set to run in kiosk mode. after exiting from kiosk mode. i installed a new app, build with latest wave sdk. the app was running after install. after some time the vive got into bootloop. yes it was connected to wifi. the app uses the wifi communication.
  3. @Tony PH Lin Yes, I have tried to clear cache and factory reset via Bootloader-Recovery menu. But it didn't help. I came to know that we can update/reinstall from adb. So, is it possible to reinstall the headset software any other way? And for that is there any rom available?
  4. yes, I have tried to clear cache and factory reset. via (Recovery menu). but that didn't help. last thing to do is update from adb. do you guys have the latest version of htc vive focus rom? i couldn't find any download link on internet .
  5. @Tony PH Lin Hi, It is Vive Focus. The issue happened after I created and installed a 360 video VR application built using wave sdk 3.1.94. The application previously worked without any problem in another Vive Focus which has System version 5.0. The issue is with a Vive Focus with System version 4.0. Currently this headset is rebooting continuously when powered on. I've tried factory reset from boot menu, but the problem still persists. Is there any way to reset/update the hmd or headset firmware/software when this issue persists?
  6. I tried hard reset but it didn't solve the problem. Vive is not in developer mode. so can't access adb.
  7. hi, i just want to know how to flash rom via sd card. my vive is in bootloop. factory reset can't solve my problem.
  8. @JustinVive Yes, and thank you very much for helping out. 🤗
  9. @Corvus @Tony PH Lin @JustinVive Hi, please help me out. I am developing 360 video application for htc vive focus, Since it does not need the dual camera/postion tracking, is there any way to turn it off?
  10. @JustinVive Hi, Is it possible to turn off the dual camera if we are not using positional tracking?
  11. hi Im looking for same answer can someone help? i need to override position tracking message in vive focus. @Tony PH Lin @JustinVive
  12. I want to remove position tracking lost message in my application. So how can I disable the 'Position tracking' message when anything obstruct the dual camera? @Tony PH Lin @JustinVive
  13. Track Position is by default unchecked. in video player it still depends on inside out tracking. @Corvus
  14. Hi, I am working on a 360 video player project on VIVE FOCUS. I am facing a problem where i want to Override (turn off Inside out tracking) which is present default in vive focus. i don't want to use position tracking for my video player. / i want to turn off the pop up displayed when position tracking is lost when front cam of vive focus is covered. im using unity sdk for development.
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