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  1. @Corvus Any update on this? I recently got in contact with a Unity QA engineer, and they said that, on their end, they support OpenXR, which can interface with SteamVR and HTC HMDs; so I tried using it and found that, even though I set XRSettings.useOcclusionMesh to "false", and check that the "occlusion mesh" view in Unity Editor's game view is correct, there still seems to be another occlusion mesh, and it seems like it's constant for any game (i.e. that occlusion mesh stays on and is the same no matter what game or program I open). In other words, it seems like an overlay created by either
  2. @Corvus Is there anything that can be done to be able to get this feature working? It seems that the folks at Unity are unwilling to provide useful insight to problem. https://forum.unity.com/threads/xrsettings-occlusionmaskscale-not-working.1037848/
  3. @Corvus Ah I see, I'll report it to them; it seems that wave XR is for android though? I'm trying to run this on PC.
  4. Hi all, Is there anyway to turn off the occlusion mesh in Unity? (y'know, the part of the screen that fades to black to save GPU resources) I can see it slightly so I'd just like to get rid of it, but it doesn't seem like XRSettings.useOcclusionMesh does anything. I've seen someone on Reddit say that XRSettings,occlusionMaskScale could make the occlusion mesh bigger; therefore it would be less visible, but it doesn't seem like this has any effect either. Right now, I have OpenXR Loader active in Unity, and that's connected to SteamVR, and I'm using the Cosmos headset. Thanks in advance.
  5. @Corvus That's unfortunate. Thank you for your help, though.
  6. @Corvus is it possible to acquire the fixation positions and eye positions from calibration?
  7. Hi all, Is there anyway to access the calibration data? Thanks
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