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  1. In addition: Somehow I forgot to mention i am using a Vive Cosmos Elite I am aware that by default the computer can turn off USB ports to save on power. That ability has already manually deactivated.
  2. Hello, I am having a problem with the headset, I can’t find anything about it online or in other forum threads. I have also talked with Vive support already and they have suggested posting about it here. So, the core problem is that when I plug in my headset into the USB 3 port those ports become deactivated when my computer tries to turn on the headset. I know this is the case because I have an external hard drive also plugged into a USB 3 port and whenever the headset attempts to connect to the computer it is no longer read by the computer. Details: I used to have all of my VR software installed on the hard drive, however, I reinstalled everything to my internal SSD and the same problem occurred, before it was when the ViveConsole attempted to connect to the headset, this time during the setup screen when it tries to detect the headset. The headset WAS working previously, so this is not a problem with the hardware itself. Both USB 3 ports have been tried, both register the hard drive and with either one, once the headset attempts to connect to the computer the hard drive is no longer read by the computer. The ViveConsole would attempt to connect to the headset, the headset would connect for maybe a second, and then the ports would deactivate, after it deactivates and the headset is read as “offline” the hard drive does appear in the file explorer window again, but once ViveConsole would attempt to connect to the headset again, the cycle would continue. If this cycle continues long enough the USB 3 ports become deactivated until i restart the computer. This does NOT happen if the video port is plugged in but the USB 3 cable is disconnected. On my system I manually start it up from the boot screen and then access my SSD for windows, a note: If my headset is plugged in my keyboard, also plug in via USB but not a USB 3 port, will not register and I will get a “NO KEYBOARD” warning. My graphic card drivers are up to date as well as my usb drivers, I have the most recent version of windows 10 installed. Computer: Processor: AMD FX(™)-8350 Eight-Core Processor 4.00 GHz Ram: 16 gb 64-bit operating system Motherboard: ASUSTeK M5A97 Graphics Card: RX 570
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