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  1. For the single user we have already implemented a in-app possibility to control >themself< and time is limited by the lesson. I am not sure from where you come from but it is against the law to monitor people here. It is further against security to connect outside to the internet (and I would not rely on external solutions for education with strict time-plans anyway). I also hope hidden marketing is not against the forum rules? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate any input and Iยดm always looking forward to have rich discussions but please stay focused to the (technical) topic asked in the initial question
  2. @VibrantNebula: Thank for your response! That is what I thought. Do not worry, I constantly switch between real life and VR! ๐Ÿ™‚ With the technology available right now it's for sure not healthy to work for a longer period of time. Since I develop some sort of enterprise kiosk-solution for XR-education it would be fine to have everything connected all the time. Maybe there is a chance to have a switch in order to set the "boot-behavior" in the future or at least provide some sort of built-in wireless charging...?
  3. My controllers are fine and the whole setup works without issues. Because I spend a lot of time in VR I have permanently connected my controllers to USB in order to charge them all the time. I just have one annoying issue: when I startup SteamVR then my controllers are not detected after turning them on by pressing the button below the touchpad. I have to unplug them before the start-up and when SteamVR has found them I can attach the controllers again without issues for the rest of the day. (When I finish my work I turn off SteamVR and my base-stations and controllers are powered down automat
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