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  1. I am post in this forum for 5 month now about error 220 that cause by nvidia gpu driver. Right now the lasted version update was 456.38. Is this good to update yet? Or should I keep the 446.14 version from 6 month ago to play this poor VR Headset.
  2. Uninstall nvidia driver then find and download then install only version 446.14 then wait for HTC or nvidia to fix this bug. it's been 3 month now with 4 version of driver update. it's still happening.
  3. Here again to confirm that nvidia version 451.48 and so on will cause error 220. So, I use DDU and install driver version 446.14 and no more error 220. If someone got this Error 220 with HDCP compatability issue please reinstal your graphics driver back to 446.14 to fix this error and pray for HTC or Nvidia to fix this. This bug was 2 month old now. Sad. 😔
  4. It is august 8 now. with the nvidia driver 451.67, Vive cosmos still got error 220. I test my Vive cosmos HMD on my friend PC which he use AMD Graphic card and it works fine. Talk to support with this problem for 3 weeks now. Still cannot fix this bug. I never rollback driver (the lasted driver I have was 451.48 which ASUS gave me when I ask for New V-Bios. I try and it it still got error 220. Sad. 😢
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