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  1. Here are some logs SR_Runtime.logSRWorks.log @Daniel_Y
  2. I found some problems in SRworks C++ SDK while I run the prebuild D:\unity\SRWorks_v0.9.3.0_Prebuilt_Samples-Unity\Build-Unity\Experience\Vive_SRworks_Demo, it works well and It can produce the augment reality. But when I run the D:\SRWorks_v0.9.3.0_Native_C\C-Sample\sample-vs2015\main.cpp in Visual Studio 2019. it just generate a GUI and shows nothing. (A black picture like the following) Enviroment: Windoes 10 Dual Camera are enabled Vive Pro Eye GPU: GEX1660 Ti (This Graphic card is enabled) Visualstudio 2019 Opencv 4.1.0 Then after run a while, I get this error I can't see anything related to augment reality when I wear the headset. There are also problems in main_CameraControl.cpp When I press 1, it can register the distorted image normally (I change some code and make it can do facedetection, It works well when run on the VS 2019 and the VR camera can do facedetection in my computer ), but When i wear headset and toggle the front camera, it just can show the real envirment and can't do any facedetection(, it seems that the code doesn't transplant into this headset.) When I press 3 (register the undistorted image), it doesn't work and just show a black image with nothing like this (figure in left). I don't know how to solve this problem.
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