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  1. Wondering if the Cosmos elite is compatible with the Origional Base stations and controllers. Then can do upgrading but just not all at once. I also heard that the Cosmos is not for gamers. and more for general use. Do not really need a kit now, would like to go wireless in future. But with all the upgrades and not having a good place to sell current kit its I don't think I can get my wife on board. Need to buy one item at a time.
  2. I have had the HTC vive for a long time. Then the Pro came along and decided it wasnt worth the price. Now I am at a point that I do not use the VR as much as I should be, mostly due to wires, and had a HDMI issue on startup ( boot screen went to VIVE instead of monitor) Have not looked at VIVE since pro release. Another issue is cables and headsets, both are kind of a pain when launching vive . So am I better off upgrading to a pro or cosmos? Seen that the Pro dropped in price (even though I cannot find it for 600$ anywhere) PC can handle about anything, did full PC upgrade recently. Is there any version 3 coming down the road ? Any idea on selling old Vive headset if I upgrade?
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