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  1. I did have that log, as well as 3 other "install" logs from various points of complete failure including the system report from SteamVR stating how (obviously I might add) there was a problem with the Vive software installing, however, after being told by so called "customer support" (I had two open tickets, one e-mail and 1 live chat from Vive Support) and I use that term very loosely, to delete everything (again) and watch it fail (again) I no longer have any of those logs. This time apon attempting to run Vivesetup.exe it won't even complete the first download, as with everything else it keeps downloading then tossing large chucks of the data, as far as I can tell, declaring it "corrupt" as soon as it downloads each oversized packet, then sometimes just for the sake of it, throwing it all out and going back to 0% after downloading over 1gb. Considering "customer support's" only answers are "disable anything that might be security related", "Buy a new computer", and let's not forget "format your entire hard drive" because Vive software will only possibly function on a clean, unused install of Windows10 apperently. Yeah, thanks for the thought, but I guess since I actually use the computer to run something other that Vive software, and this Paper Weight can't work without it, I won't be needing any assistance from here. Best advice I'd give for anybody reading this later, request a refund. As soon as possible. Don't take it out of the box, don't wait for delivery, send the return request immediately, preferably just don't get anything that requires Vive software to run, but if you've already made that mistake... Well kick yourself a few times then jump on return procedures as soon as possible, or of course the Vive Support Team's advice, make sure you have a computer that will only run and be used for Vive software, and nothing else. Good luck and have a nice day,
  2. Both... Well, as far as I can tell, "Viveport" installed. The attempt to update on the last patch failed and froze up at about 173mb downloaded, however, I'm not overly concerned with having the Viveport application running until after I ever get the hardware installed. The ViveportCosmosEInstall.exe, that can't complete a 627.5mb download. Somehow, during one attempt, made it to the next step, Headset display port and usb detected, controllers paired, room setup in SteamVR complete. Then during the last set of setup it would eventually freeze with the progress bar at 95% and "more than 60 minutes remaining". At one point, the light on the headset did turn green with SteamVR running, still a black screen on the headset, and ViveConsole throwing the "oopps" 205 error code. Even after freezing, that part of the install that tries to download about 1400mb in the background while checking hardware connections, would eventually just stop all network activity, still frozen, nothing after restarting tje computer. Restarting setup would just result in the same behaviour. After following customer support in "uninstall, delete all temp files, start over" I'm back to being stuck attemping to get the 627.5mb download after first running the ViveCosmosESetup.exe. Then crashing, stalling out, or, if it does reach 627.5mb completion... It will just start over at 0mb without restarting the exe. IF it reaches 627.5mb, usually it goes up, then drops a few hundred MB, then crawls back up. Yes, its that ... Problematic,
  3. Apparently this is still an issue. I've been at this point for 2 weeks. 627.5mb download trickles up, then drops, might hit 627.5mb, then starts over. Slower than Christmas at the best of times, crash, download failed, or it just drops large chunks of data from the download at random. Regardless, I can't get the entire thing downloaded, meaning $900 paper weight. It even tried to run me through the setup several times, then gets to setting up, more than 60 minutes remaining... 90% progress bar and no activity a day later. Restart and it goes all the way back to the 627.5mb download, again. Already deleted everything, turned any security off, all that customer support BS, more pike waste as much of ypur time as possible, keep you busy long enough it can't be returned as trash. What sort of "functioning, marketable" hardware takes over 2 weeks to set up the software? Really?
  4. 6hours? And you complain? I've had thus problem for 2 weeks! If I had started cussing this $900 paper weight at 6 hours my head would have exploded by now. 2 weeks and nothing more than an expensuve paper weight. Customer support? Still telling me to open ports on a firewall that I've already stated multiple times does not exist, and making exceptings on security protocols that have already been removed. After brute forcing through weeks of failed downloading (gets to 627.5mb then restarts at 0mb, or gets to 537.4/627.5 then dropping to 87mb). After uninstalling, deleting temp files, re attempting downloads to absolutely no improvements, finally getting to a setup and now it sits on "Installing VIVE Cosmos Elite Software and Steamvr... More than 60 minutes left" Let it sit there for 2 days it froze once to no response force close, this time it says the same thing, progress bar at 90%, no downloading, some processor activity, and still nothimg actually happening. 2 weeks of banging my head against a rock! If this software ever does work, I'm not going to have a head left to wear the headset. And "open ports" "disable security" or "try to reinstall from scratch... AGAIN" suggestions from "customer support" are really starting to piss me off.
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