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  1. Reimus & SuperSonic, I was having a similar problem and there were two things that fix it for me, though I had that spike PLUS it was just dropping out for a 1/4 second, leaving a gap in the graph of about like this, (though I just Photoshopped yours) First, and most important, I had to turn off MalwareBytes. That immediately stopped the gaps. Second, I got the spikes to go away by just moving the base stations a little farther apart. I have the older one that only has 2 base stations, but I'm sure this still applies to yours. 1.) Your base stations must be able to see your helmet and 2.) Your base stations must be able to see each other. I would add one more that's just an opinion, but if you have a lot of reflective surfaces like picture frames or like a glass door, it might help to test by covering those surfaces. I'm just guessing here but I'd bet that the light houses have an error buffer that's getting filled up and that's something of a purge and soft restart. I had to put something over a picture that hangs behind me and it improved performance. Good luck! Let us know if that makes a difference or if you've already tried it. Rick
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