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  1. Hey @MariosBikos_HTC, I think I figured out what was the issue with the last bit. It was the Runtime. I wasn't aware that the runtime is necessary to run the experience. It is sort of working now, but the controllers' mapping seems to be wrong(only the trigger seems to be working) so I can't change level. Do you happen to have a more updated script I can use? I am on a Vive Pro.
  2. Hey @MariosBikos_HTC nope didn't make any files for this, i tried searching for the file but its nowhere to be found.
  3. Tried moving the project to C drive. looks like the same error still
  4. I am guessing this is the bit that broke it?
  5. Hi I am running on UE 4.24.3. The readme stated it is compatible to UE 4.24? The disabling of plugin works but I have a new set of errors. Please see the attached error log. Error log.txt
  6. Hi, I am currently testing the capability of creating a MR/XR experience using the VIVE Pro using Unreal Engine. I have downloaded the UE samples so I can see how it works. However I have faced multiple issues with the files. Firstly I wasn't able to compile the project as I hit an error regarding bForceEnableExceptions, but I followed this post and I was able to open the UE project file. Now I try to play the VR exp and it keep telling me that there is a blueprint compile error on Meshloader? When I open the blueprint, it seems to be looking for a Magic Leap data node? That made no sense to me... Please help!
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