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  1. Tried moving the project to C drive. looks like the same error still
  2. I am guessing this is the bit that broke it?
  3. Hi I am running on UE 4.24.3. The readme stated it is compatible to UE 4.24? The disabling of plugin works but I have a new set of errors. Please see the attached error log. Error log.txt
  4. Hi, I am currently testing the capability of creating a MR/XR experience using the VIVE Pro using Unreal Engine. I have downloaded the UE samples so I can see how it works. However I have faced multiple issues with the files. Firstly I wasn't able to compile the project as I hit an error regarding bForceEnableExceptions, but I followed this post and I was able to open the UE project file. Now I try to play the VR exp and it keep telling me that there is a blueprint compile error on Meshloader? When I open the blueprint, it seems to be looking for a Magic Leap data node? That made no sense to me... Please help!
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