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  1. ok very strange. I 've just delete the Following file looking at the forum and everything seems to work fine now : C:\Users\(USER NAME)\AddData\LocalLow\HTC Corporation\SR_Config\calibration_params.bin Sorry for that Best, Valentin
  2. Hi @Tony PH Lin, I am currently having issues on the exact same thread. Here is my configuration: Unity2019.4.3f1 SRWorks v0.9.3.0 SteamVR 1.13.10 HTC Vive Pro Eveything works fine outside of unity when I launch the application from SRWorks_v0.9.3.0_Prebuilt_Samples-Unity But when I am in unity and lauch the demo, I only get a white square and black screen. It happened once that unity said it had to stop because of of SRWorks runtime issue (not mentioning it exactly). Any help would be very helpful, Best; Valentin LogIssues.7z
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