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  1. Can you be more specific on where I would find that because I can't find anything with that exact location. Why am I only limited to 3 posts per day on here? I had to wait 24 hours to even respond to this.
  2. Yes I have that error among others. I am connected to internet, no it's not my provider, no it's not my antivirus or anything like that. The program is flawed and doesn't work.
  3. Did you read what I just said or literally every other person on here said? It doesn't work. I keep getting an error and it won't download. If I could manually download and install that'd be great but Vive Support has nothing on their website.
  4. I have currently have this issue. I can't find or download the cosmos elite drivers anywhere making my brand new headset useless. I might as well return it at this rate if I can't even use the program that's required for it.
  5. I have this issue too and I've tried literally any suggestion I could find and nothing has worked.
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