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  1. No, Its based On SRWorks (XR) SDK UE4 Plugin but when I try to print status Variable in ViveSR inside TestKey blueprint It gives ERROR This is my log, sorry there is error when I attached text file here Thanks for Reply LogTemp: Repeating last play command: VR Preview LogBlueprintUserMessages: Early PlayInEditor Detection: Level '/SRWorks/Levels/Sample/Sample.Sample:PersistentLevel' has LevelScriptBlueprint '/SRWorks/Levels/Sample/Sample.Sample:PersistentLevel.Sample' with GeneratedClass '/SRWorks/Levels/Sample/Sample.Sample_C' with ClassGeneratedBy '/SRWorks/Lev
  2. I am using Unreal engine 4.25.3 and I am working on VR project, I want to use SRWorks SDK – to Enable Camera on HTC Vive Pro. I have NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 and all drivers are updated and USB cable is plugged in 3.0 USB port and on Steam VR Testing camera is worked. When I compile my project everything works fine but I have crashes in the StartFramework function when I press play: Unhandled exception at 0x00007FFCE7A89709 in UE4Editor.exe: Microsoft C++ exception: boost::interprocess::interprocess_exception at memory location 0x0000001858376CF0. My Old Version Of projec
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