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  1. Has anyone encountered and have a fix for Error 220 (DP HDCP Compatibility issues) with non-MSI laptops? I stopped using the Cosmos for a couple months since the tracking problems were driving me up a wall. Decided I'd give it a shot today and now I'm consistently encountering this Error 220. To be clear, everything was working (tracking issues aside) previously. What currently happens is: Everything will start fine (video / audio / tracking). Then after a little bit (less than 1 min), the display will turn off. This typically lasts 6-7 seconds. During this time, audio and tracking are still working. Just the display that goes black. Then when the display pops back in, the audio will cut out and pretty much stay off from there on. Then on a very consistent 40 second cycle, the display will go black again for another 6-7 seconds. If you look at the Vive Console, you'll see the Error 220 pop up every time the display cuts out. Running latest public release and I'm on a Razer Blade 15 (2019 model with 2080-MaxQ) I'd appreciate it if someone could point me towards a solution. Otherwise it looks like i'll be packing this up for good and ordering an Index.
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