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  1. All drivers are up to date. ram is a DDR4 I think 3000mhz GPU 8GB not overclocked The PC is completely new And i have the Z 390D motherboard Before I got my PC ( 2 weeks ago) it has been updated....
  2. So hello ! I got my HTC Vive Pro almost 1 and a half month now. I have the vive pro starter kit with Basestations 1.0 Everything worked at first UNTILL suddenly my vision got red, green and blue pixels floating around. How i solved it= Just straighten out your 3 in 1 cable. This thing curls up so fast. So that was the first problem. Then I decided to buy the wireless adapter +3 trackers 2.0 Back then I had my old PC with mid range specs. But when I used the wireless adapter my PC was almost dying. So I bought a COMPLETE NEW ONE for 1.900€ With an Intel i7 9700k OC to 4.9 Ghz, 2x 16 GB of ram and a RTX 2080 SUPER First of all I still have laggs when I move my head to quick (With this setup yes.....) But yesterday something happened. I once in a while had blue/grey fadouts while playing vrchat and then I had to restart my whole steamvr bc my trackers were suddenly my controllers etc. Then I reconnected my vive and at one point it said my PC didn't recognize something from my vive. Then ingame I noticed that my vive mic was not found. So I disconnected it again and now the green light on the adapter won't light up anymore. I used this adapter for 1 and half of a week and it is broken now ( I guess? ) Never fell down or anything else. I tried it with 3 different powerbanks and 2 USB-USB cables. The red light on the left side of my vive pro lights up when I connect the powerbank but nothing is happenening for the wireless adapter. I also tried to press it to pair but no matter what it doesn't turn on. Has anyone else had this many problems with va htc vive ? And if yes how did you solve it ? Kind regards xKrito
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