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  1. 5 hours ago, SanityGaming said:

    That's GPU artifacting (Seems like it) I could be wrong, but I know a bit about artifacting, you can also google this stuff,, your GPU is having issues, what GPU do you have, how long have you had it, please note what I'm about to say is honest and serious

    • Your GPU maybe brand new, but that wont matter, brand new off the line GPUS can have artifacting sometimes it's like a lottery, the same as a CPU, 2 people may own an i9-9990k and both may have the same cooling, but one person could get 4.4Ghz the other could get 4.9Ghz (EXAMPLE)
    • The visual error or ARTIFACTING is usually down to VRAM.
    • Have you overclocked your GPU?
    • Have you updated the GPU BIOS? Some people do that and they shouldn't, and it can ruin the GPU!
    • What GPU do you have?
    • Was it yours originally, or was it brought from someone, or given to you?
    • Also only because your monitor may not experience issues doesn't mean other things wont, loads of factors come into artifacting, frame rate and more.

    Please try the following, if any of the above have been done;

    1. Remove the GPU OVERCLOCK
    3. UNDERCLOCK THE GPU - yes sometimes this can help but if you have to underclock, your gpu has issues for sure.
    4. Update the GPU DRIVERS
    5. Update your motherboard bios? Some people never do this and they should every once in a while, this isn't done by "Windows updater" this is a manual task and you have to pay attention to what you're doing or risk screwing up your motherboard.

    Thank you for the reply. By your description it must be the GPU: I bought it used and it is slightly overclocked BUT these "artifacts" were present on the Vive's screen before I bought it, the previous owner warned me about them.

    Yesterday I contacted a repair service and the guy confirmed it is the screen, not a loose connector or anything else. After some hesitation I agreed to send my Vive Pro across the country for a repair that will cost almost half of what I paid for it (DAMN). I hope to see it again.

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  2. Hello guys. I recently became an owner of Vive pro, got it from a VR club with an issue with the left screen. I was planning to buy a (pricey) screen replacement until I started testing it: turning on/off the headset, steamvr and PC and after another launch dead pixels were gone, for about 2 minutes. Another time I was using video player and these 'lines' became black which are much less vissible. So I thought, maybe these pixels aren't dead and it is an issue with the cable or linkbox or display connector inside the headset which needs cleaning or readjusting.
    I would appreciate any diagnostic help.

    No one in my city repairs VR headsets and I am too afraid to send it across the country to unofficial service center.


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