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  1. Thank you for the reply. By your description it must be the GPU: I bought it used and it is slightly overclocked BUT these "artifacts" were present on the Vive's screen before I bought it, the previous owner warned me about them. Yesterday I contacted a repair service and the guy confirmed it is the screen, not a loose connector or anything else. After some hesitation I agreed to send my Vive Pro across the country for a repair that will cost almost half of what I paid for it (DAMN). I hope to see it again.
  2. Hello guys. I recently became an owner of Vive pro, got it from a VR club with an issue with the left screen. I was planning to buy a (pricey) screen replacement until I started testing it: turning on/off the headset, steamvr and PC and after another launch dead pixels were gone, for about 2 minutes. Another time I was using video player and these 'lines' became black which are much less vissible. So I thought, maybe these pixels aren't dead and it is an issue with the cable or linkbox or display connector inside the headset which needs cleaning or readjusting. I would appreciate any diagnostic help. No one in my city repairs VR headsets and I am too afraid to send it across the country to unofficial service center.
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