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  1. Just thought I'd throw this up here. This is my VIVE setup for Fallout 4 VR. Let me explain what I've learned. The chair is the big thing. I make my play area a giant circle that goes through my walls when I'm standing here in VR. This keeps the frame from showing up in game and breaking immersion. The seat is there so I can sit whenever I come to a Terminal or a Puzzle in game. Arm rests get in the way, and a swivel chair is not dependable as it will turn when you stand up. Headrests get in the way. The water bottles and tool box is a reference point. So I can touch the toolbox with my foot and know where I am. I can the reset myself. This setup is why I wish there was a wireless signal + AC power supply option for the headset to make the cable thinner. It would just need to keep the batteries up then. And this could be set up in anyone's home. I can go all over Fallout 4 and feel like I've left home. I just have to be responsible for keeping my actual location in the room in mind so I don't destroy anything. Work in progress. Live long and prosper.
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