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  1. Yes, several people have responded that he can get the new faceplate to use the 1.0 wands and base stations. the question remains will he like the results? The original controllers are older than the cosmos controllers he is already unsatisfied with. It might be better to just order new controllers, base stations, and the faceplate together rather than getting just the faceplate and realizing he needs to order the rest to get a satisfactory result
  2. Why use 1.0? 2.0 (2018 controllers or index controllers) is similar priced and far superior.
  3. The 1.0 wands are designed for the 1.0 base station, not 2.0, not cosmos inside out tracking. You would need a set of these. mine is currently running with 2.0 base stations, 2018 controllers, and the cosmos’s outside in tracking face plate. i see no reason you couldn’t use controller and base station 1.0, but why would you want to? The 1.0 base station has a very narrow angle to view the controllers and its max range is only slightly more than the minimum, so there is only a very specific sweet spot to can put them that they work. Once you find that spot you need a tripod to hold the sensor their. also 1.0 controllers have almost no durability. You will break them the first week. just get the elite cosmos face plate, 2.0 base stations, and those index controllers that track each of your fingers individually. The difference in performance is amazing.
  4. Yes, the old gtx 2060 system got high ratings from the Steam vr performance test, the gpu benchmarked above 50 percentile for this component, and the system ran other demanding non vr games pretty well. i was able to play half life alyx vr until the latest patch from Vive, then even the home screen was below 1 fps. Dell support seemed certain it was an issue with the Vive software and Vive was telling me my brand new computer had a hardware failure. I don’t know who was right, but returning the pc to the store and getting a better one was just easier than trying to get that answer
  5. After much troubleshooting following instructions from Vive support I eventually did a factory restore of the computer which did not resolve the issue. At that point they determined that the problem was either a hardware failure or a gtx 2060 just isn’t strong enough to handle vr. Since this pc was less than 1 week old I returned it to Best Buy and purchased a new desktop with a gtx 2080 super. This can run any vr game at max frame rates without the gpu utilization passing 50% it is unclear if switching PCs solved the problem or if the 2080 is just so op that it does not let itself be slowed down by such issues as CT described above. unfortunately since I no longer possess the original pc there is no way to know
  6. Trace number is 20200709051231
  7. I bought the Vive Cosmos Elite last week and a brand new system to run it. 16 GB of ram, an I7, and GTX 2060 graphics. This was able to run Beatsaber very smoothly and Half life Alyx tolerably well. This morning I noticed that the frame rate is less than 1 FPS even in the home screen and my graphics card is at 100%. I don't understand this sudden drop in performance. restarting the PC had no effect. I tried the reset headset and settings option and also saw no effect. SteamVR-2020-07-08-PM_08_59_15.txt
  8. I cant play this with a GTX 2060, cosmos elite, I7 16GB RAM. Everything is fine from the start location to the elevator, then frame rate drops to less than 1.
  9. I think I got it now. The controllers would not sync automatically, but when I hold the two buttons to force it they did sync. For the video I just needed to switch which USB port I use. On a laptop it is hard to tell which one actually has a direct connection to the GPU. I am getting decent frame rates in beat saber now, though the GPU is running at 100% to do so. I had hoped a 2060 would be plenty, but it appears to be just enough.
  10. I have the same problem as the OP. I am using a brand new PC that came with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB.
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