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  1. I just got my wireless setup working for the Vive Cosmos, and it worked great for about 5 minutes. Then suddenly my Vive controllers turned off. I could see that they weren't lit up through the nose gap of the headset. So I thought the batteries had died and went to replace them. That didn't help. Then I noticed in the Vive console that it said it wasn't tracking the headset. It showed that the controllers were Offline, and eventually it said the same for the headset. I made sure the wireless battery pack was charged (still had 3/4 left). I messed with the positioning of the linkbox that goes on top of your monitor, but that didn't help either. Am I missing something? I don't understand why it would work so well on my first try, and then it quits on me entirely. Just a few minutes ago I tried running it again, and now my headset won't turn on at all. Anyone know what the hell is going on?
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