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  1. Hi, I found the cause of the issue after getting back to this a few days ago: It is really, really important to launch everything in order. First SteamVR, then SRWorks runtime, then the application. Although SRWorks runtime launches automatically, I can reproduce the error, if I run my application and let it launch SteamVR and the SRWorks runtime. I can pretty much prevent the issue from occuring, if I know this process and launch all requirements manually. However this is quite an inconvenience and I think it's not very feasible to assume that end-users also launch all three applications manually in order. If you want to, I can reproduce the problem and attach the logs of the C sample, however, I don't think that they look much different. Kind regards, Carsten
  2. Also, when I try to run the C sample, the following call returns a failure (code -1). ViveSR_InitialModule(ID_PASSTHROUGH); All cleanup calls afterwards return error 1021 (INVALID_CHANGE). I am on the latest SRWorks version. My SteamVR version is 1.12.5. Also the normal system see-through of the HMD is working (i.e. when I double-tab the system button on the controller). The cameras aren't broken - it must be some sort of communication error.
  3. Hi there, I am working on an application that uses the SRWorks pass-through mode with a Vive Pro in UE4. Until yesterday everything worked fine, however the cameras suddenly stopped sending out images. I can't even run the Experience_Unreal sample or create a blank project - all I see are the default textures. I've attached a screenshot of the VR preview, which mirrors the right eye. On the left eye, I am seeing the default brick wall texture. Also, when I turn my head, I can see, that those textures are simply put on a plane, which is not following my head (as expected). I already tried a number of possible solutions, none of which worked. The things I have tried include: Repairing SRworks Uninstalling and reinstalling SRWorks Reinstalling SteamVR Unplugging the HMD and plugging it into another USB port Rebooting Creating a blank UE project in UE 4.18 Creating a blank UE project in UE 4.25 Reinstalling Unreal Engine Creating a fresh copy of the Experience_Unreal sample in UE 4.18 Unplugging the base stations and re-running the samples (to disable head tracking) ... I am now running out of ideas. Using SteamVR to test the cameras never worked for me and allways shows a "Communication Error". This, however, also has been the case when it worked before. I also can't tell what should have changed to cause this problem in the first place. I have also attached my SR_logs directory. Hope you can help, searching for a solution. Thanks in advance, Carsten. SR_logs.zip @Daniel_Y, @Marios Bikos
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