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  1. ok thanks for the info. Im playing with the settings on the cosmos but to get 90hz i have to turn on "motioncompensation" and "performance priority mode". the resolution has beenr educed i think because of this and dont know a work around?
  2. ok i see, well it is dissapointing on the cosmos because the resolution is high and the sweet spot gets distorted with a quick glance left and right. What about the vive pro eye, does this make the sweet spot easier on the eyes?
  3. So I have the cosmos vive and its looking pretty sweet , but I have an issue i dont know if others experience but when i look left and right from the lens it is blurry . I can only see clearly when moving my head and centering my sight on the lens/? Any fixes for this? Thanks also glad to be on the vive squa:D
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