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  1. Hi - well, that's troubling. Can you PM me the code, and also a screenshot showing the error you're getting in the desktop client? We'll have to see if the code itself is problematic. Thanks in advance.
  2. , Huge apologies. I realized we've sent you in the wrong direction. Quite frankly, most of our code redemption queries are about the codes that come with the Vive; in this case you have a Viveport code. That should be redeemed in the Vive / Viveport desktop client. Here's instructions on how to redeem. This is covered in our FAQ, but I'm going to break it into a separate FAQ for cases like this. I'm sorry we led you astray here. How to redeem your Vive/Viveport codes To redeem a Viveport code 1) Download and install the Viveport desktop client (PC only). Note: You may have already installed the client as part of your Vive setup process. 2) Launch the client. You should be logged in to your HTC account (created, again, during setup - it will usually be the same login you use to access the forums). 3) Click your portrait at the top right of the client screen (pictured left). Click 'redeem content'. 4) Enter your Viveport content codes, one at a time, into the box and click 'Redeem'. 5) You should find your new Viveport content in your Library, ready to be downloaded.
  3. , can you let me know if the link Synthesis provided above works for you? If not, let us know that too.
  4. Hi - please send a PM to (click that link, then click 'send message') with your order details. We should be able to investigate.
  5. Hi , Not sure if you have a screenshot of what you're seeing, but if so, could you post it (or send it to me in a PM?). Apologies you had the issue, but we'd like to see if we can fix. Please PM me with your email address (that you tried to redeem on) and the code itself, and we can investigate further.
  6. if you redeemed it and chose Fallout 4 VR, you should have seen the Steam Code displayed - and also the same code would be emailed to you. Check your Spam folder, just in case.
  7. Savings galore in our Viveport Holiday Sale Spend $29.99, get three months of Viveport Subscription FREE* Whatever you buy during this sale, it will count towards you getting three months of Viveport Subscription. As soon as you've spent $29.99 or more (or local equivalent) you'll be eligible to receive a three month subscription code, which will be sent to you in early 2018. That way you can spend the first quarter of 2018 exploring up to 15 different VR titles! Want some hints on where to spend your money to get to $29.99? Well, you might start with one or more of our Viveport Staff Picks. Then there's the newly-arrived L.A. Noire: The VR Case Files, Tilt Brush by Google, The Gallery- Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone (and Episode 1's on sale too), Knockout League or perhaps Fantastic Contraption. * Please note, this offer is only available in the following Viveport territories: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Australia, Taiwan and China. Save up to 40% on Viveport Subscription bundles Want to keep experiencing Viveport titles until next holiday season? Then save yourself some money with discounts on our Viveport Subscription bundles. Here's what you can save: Save 40% on a 12-month subscription bundle (Access 60 titles in total!) Save 30% on a 6-month subscription (Access 30 titles in total!) Save 25% on a 3-month subscription (Access 15 titles in total!) If you already have a Viveport Subscription, good news – these bundles add-on to your existing sub, so you can extend your subscription and save. To pick up a Viveport Subscription bundle, click here. Save up to 80% on selected Viveport titles Last but not least, we've got discounts of up to 80% on a huge range of titles. There's truly something for everyone here, from the gamer to the history buff. Show your family what VR has to offer with one or more from this list (sorted alphabetically by title). Amazon Odyssey (80% off) Apollo 11 VR (50% off) Arcade Artist (60% off) Arcade Saga (80% off) Clazer (50% off) Cloudlands: VR Minigolf (50% off) Domino Craft (50% off) DreamWorks Voltron VR Chronicles (60% off) Earthlight: Spacewalk (50% off) Echo Grotto (50% off) Everest VR (50% off) Fantastic Contraption (50% off) Firebird- La Peri (60% off) First Person Tennis (20% off) Front Defense (65% off) Frontier (50% off) The Gallery - Episode 1: Call of the Starseed (75% off) The Gallery - Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone (20% off) Guided Meditation VR (60% off) Happy Drummer (50% off) Haute & Haunted (80% off) The Hospital: Allison's Diary (25% off) Jam Studio VR (80% off) Kingdom of Blades (50% off) A Lost Room (65% off) MakeVR (80% off) MakeVR Pro (80% off) Manifest 99 (50% off) The Music Room (20% off) Nature Treks VR (50% off) Perfect (50% off) Prison Boss VR (33% off) Racket Fury: Table Tennis VR (50% off) Remembering Pearl Harbor (80% off) Riley Short Analog Boy (50% off) ShapeLab (50% off) Speed & Scream (60% off) Stonehenge VR Sandbox (35% off) Storm VR (50% off) Super Puzzle Galaxy LITE (25% off) Tilt Brush (25% off) TrueScale (50% off) Virtual Sports (80% off) We Are Stars (50% off) Remember, we're giving 100% of revenue share for every title on Viveport until December 31st to developers - so you'll be giving them an extra boost with every purchase, too. Support your favorite developers and get a gift for yourself this holiday! However you spend the holidays, in VR or out, everyone here at Viveport hopes you have a fantastic time!
  8. Hi again - this explains it. When you haven't selected all of your subscription titles (as you haven't, per this image) then the page is designed to have you scroll through existing titles looking for what you want to pick. The 'View All' arrow isn't there, because the entire selection is already on the page. As you can see, scrolling downwards shows you the titles but the upper half of the page is fixed to show how many titles you've already selected. As you've seen, you can 'search' the page using the browser - in the desktop client that's disabled. It's not ideal, but at present, it's probably easiest to use a browser to select your subscription titles. In future search updates we should be able to improve the process on both desktop and the web.
  9. Hi , Our new search is incorporated into the menu bar at the top of Viveport.com. Here's a GIF showing it in action. Click the magnifying glass icon to open the search box, and search from there. Should give you this: This is our 'V1' search, however; at this time while you can filter by Viveport Subscription titles, you can't search for them from here. While it's clunky, to search for Viveport Subscription titles, go to your subscription page (the link you gave above, or click here), 'expand' the title list (another GIF...)... ... and then search the page by title in your browser search. This is obviously not ideal, but should help you find titles you're looking for. As for what you're seeing, we're trying to figure out if it's a bug or something else. Can you let us know what browser you're using to look at the page, and ideally, send us a screenshot? You can PM me if you like.
  10. Hey , - Search is evolving. By coincidence, we've revised and updated search as of this morning, adding filters to allow for better browsing. Other improvements are coming too. Thanks for the feedback! By the way, while it's not as intuitive as we'd ultimately like, on your subscription page, you can click the arrow to expand the list of titles, then hit Ctrl/Alt/Command + F to search by title.
  11. Hey , did you have a problem? Send me a PM if so.
  12. Hi , can you clarify what you mean by 'never downloaded'? Did you have an issue with Viveport, in that it failed to download?
  13. Hi , there is an email address listed in our Submission Guidelines, but you may have missed it. If you can PM me and let me know the email address you have registered in the developer console, and/or product you have on Viveport, I'll get it escalated for you.
  14. , while 's intentions are good, we cannot supply an XLS for a content listing. A new search function is now part of the Viveport desktop client, and will also be rolling out to the site very soon - ie within a couple of weeks. This isn't the final iteration, we want to improve it further. One of the areas will be in subscription. , as you're seeing, searching within subscription isn't possible right now via a dedicated search function. However, there are workarounds. When you go to the subscription page, if you scroll down you'll see that 'see all Subscription titles' button. Click that to see everything, and yes, use Ctrl + F or similar to search for a title. The 'Available in Subscription' button does take you to the Subscription page, but using the method above you should able to add a title to an existing subscription. It's not an elegant solution and it's being looked at, but that's what we've got right now. You should never, however, be forced to buy a title that is in subscription already (unless you want to own it permanently).
  15. Hi , that's not currently possible, I'm afraid. We'd welcome any advice you might want to give to the community in future. :)
  16. This post has been moved. Follow the link to the new location. Thanks!
  17. Hi - send me a PM and we'll try to help. Sorry about that.
  18. Hi , and welcome! We're constantly talking to VR developers everywhere about Viveport Subscription, and are adding new titles all the time. We cannot guarantee a title will be included because it's the developer's choice to add it to Viveport, so some will be missing, but we hope to add everything that's popular over time. Perhaps the best way to think of Viveport Subscription is an extended trial. You can choose to keep a title in your subscription forever if you like, but you can also switch them out on a monthly basis. If you really like a title, to keep it, you buy it. Some titles are available as part of Viveport Subscription only because in general, we don't sell many games via Viveport (there are some exceptions). There are some titles that are both available to buy, or as part of Viveport Subscription; if a title is available in subscription it's always made clear at the top of a page, so you never have to buy a title, but can if you like. As for search, we're working on an improved version right now that should go live pretty soon. That will search across the whole of Viveport, including both subscription and non-subscription titles. (When we launched Viveport Subscription it was relatively easy to browse everything that was available!) Right now there is a search for the non-subscription titles, which you can find here. Hope that helps. Let me know if you have more questions.
  19. Hi At this time, for pay-per-download titles, games are limited in their distribution on Viveport to China only. (There are some exceptions, but these are on a per-title basis.) To distribute your game to a wider audience, you can select to opt-in to Viveport Subscription and/or Viveport Arcade (both global programs). Thanks!
  20. Having the base stations opposite each other is generally what we suggest, so the 'red' option is what I'd go for. :) If you use lightstands to mount the base stations it's not too hard to move them around to experiment, too.
  21. All the information you need on our exciting Vive Black Friday deals, across VIVE and VIVEPORT. Customers who purchase a Vive between Friday, November 24th at 12:00am ET through Monday, November 27th at 11:59pm PT will receive a Deluxe Audio Strap with the purchase of their Vive in addition to the current Fallout 4 VR bundle. For $599 each customer will get the Vive headset and all the necessary hardware and software to set up room-scale VR as well as a Deluxe Audio Strap ($99.99 value), a copy of Google Tilt Brush, a free trial to Viveport Subscription, and a redemption code for Fallout 4 VR ($59.99 value) which launches on December 12, 2017. With its integrated headphones, plush padding, and easy adjustment dial, the Deluxe Audio Strap provides additional comfort and when using Vive. Once you’ve received your Deluxe Audio Strap you only need a couple of minutes to install it on your new Vive. This Black Friday and Cyber Monday deal will be available online and in all retail locations where Vive is sold. To find a location to purchase Vive near you, click here or head to vive.com. In our Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend sale, you can also save big (up to 80%!) on some fantastic Vive titles on Viveport. Viveport will also be taking part in this year’s Black Friday deals, by offering discounted pre-paid subscription packages for Viveport Subscription and big discounts on a whole range of titles. Our Viveport deals start today, November 22nd and end on Monday, November 27th at 11:59PM Pacific. With our Viveport Subscription deals, there has never been a better time to join. Every month you'll get access to five apps or games from a collection of over 250 (which is growing all the time). Simply download and play! During this Black Friday-Cyber Monday weekend sale, there are huge savings available on Viveport Subscription pre-purchased plans: 3-month pre-paid subscription – Select 15 Apps for just $12.99 (35% savings) 6-month pre-paid subscription - Select 30 Apps for just $19.99 (50% savings) 12-month pre-paid subscription - Select 60 Apps for just $29.99 (63% savings) You can take advantage of these savings whether you are a new subscriber or existing Viveport Subscription holder, so make sure you lock in your savings before they're gone! From essential titles for every VR enthusiast to brand new releases, we've got something for everyone on sale this weekend. Below you'll find every title that's on sale, with their respective discounts noted. Just click a title's name to find out more. Hurry - these discounts are only available from now until Monday, November 27th at 11:59PM Pacific. Viveport discounts for Black Friday-Cyber Monday Amazon Odyssey (50% off) Arcade Artist (75% off) Arcade Saga (75% off) Clazer (50% off) Cloudlands: VR Minigolf (50% off) Earthlight: Spacewalk (50% off) Everest VR (50% off) Fantastic Contraption (33% off) Firebird – La Péri (75% off) Front Defense (75% off) Happy Drummer VR (75% off) Haute & Haunted (75% off) Jam Studio VR (50% off) Knockout League (50% off) MakeVR (75% off) MakeVR Pro (75% off) Prison Boss VR (25% off) Remembering Pearl Harbor (75% off) Speed & Scream (80% off) Stonehenge VR Sandbox (35% off) The Gallery Episode 1: Call of the Starseed (75% off) The Gallery Episode 2: Heart of the Emberstone (20% off) The Music Room (20% off) Tilt Brush (10% off) TrueScale (50% off) Virtual Sports (75% off) Also, when you buy or subscribe on Viveport, we will give 100% of all profits back to our developers this holiday season. Win this weekend! As well as all of these deals we're also doing some great giveaways via our Facebook Pages (Viveport, Vive) and Twitter (Viveport, Vive). Our first competition is live now (US residents only) - enter to win a Vive Deluxe Audio Strap! *$599 HTC VIVE + Deluxe Audio Strap + Fallout 4 bundle is for North American markets only.
  22. Hey all, Unfortunately there's no general public email address I can give out right now, so I have to ask you to PM me for details on who to contact within HTC. I will send PMs to recent commenters though. stephen
  23. Hello all, Attached is a PDF version of a slideshow from 2 Bears Studio, one of our internal studios responsible for Arcade Saga. Please review it for tips and best practices on porting content to mobile VR platforms using Vive Wave. If you have further questions or ideas, suggest them here!
  24. Hello, developers. Welcome to the Vive SRWorks SDK group. This is group is open to all Vive Pro developers! Vive staff will be monitoring this group and will help to answer questions where possible.
  25. Today, at our Vive Developers Conference (VDC) in Beijing, we announced the VIVE WAVE VR Open Platform. With it, we are taking another huge step in driving the most vibrant ecosystem for VR forward. Vive Wave will open up the path to easy mobile VR content development and device optimization for third-party partners. So far, twelve hardware partners in China, including 360QIKU, Baofengmojing, Coocaa, EmdoorVR, Idealens, iQIYI, Juhaokan, Nubia, Pico, Pimax, Quanta and Thundercomm, announced their support for Vive Wave and integrating the VIVEPORT™ VR content platform into their future products. Vive Wave is a clear step forward in bringing together the highly fragmented mobile VR market that has cropped up in China the last several years. It enables developers to create content for a common platform and storefront across multiple hardware vendors. Over 35 Chinese and global content developers have already built VR content optimized for Vive Wave, with 14 showing live demos during VDC. We also announced VIVE FOCUS, our first standalone VR Headset for the China market. Vive Focus is also based on the Vive Wave VR open platform. Vive Focus offers enhanced comfort for extended use, easy on-off capabilities, and is the first commercial standalone device to deliver inside-out 6-degree-of-freedom tracking (6DoF) which Vive calls “world-scale”. Without the need to be attached to a PC or a phone, Vive Focus provides unlimited freedom of mobility while reducing the total cost for users to own a premium VR device in China. Its high-resolution AMOLED screen delivers the best possible VR experience, with low latency and unmatched clarity. The Vive Focus is powered by the advanced features of the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 835 VR Platform and utilizes the Vive Wave VR open platform, including the rich library of VR content available on the Viveport. Also at VDC, Viveport also announced a global strategic partnership with Unity Technologies to enable the one-click publishing of VR content onto Viveport for PC VR, Standalone VR, and mobile VR developers. Unity will integrate Viveport into its content platform and provide a more intuitive way for developers to utilize the new Vive Wave VR SDK. Unity will also integrate Viveport’s in-app payment and VR advertisement functions into its development system, with an initial focus on the China market, opening up even more revenue opportunities for its VR developer community. For the remainder of 2017, Viveport is giving back 100% of all profit earned on its platform back to the developer community. For more information on VDC, check out our press release here.
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