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  1. Hi - since that update above, we've seen more reports. We're aware of it are we're working on it now. Please read this thread for further details. Closing this thread now to help ease redundancy.
  2. Hi - you didn't do anything wrong (most likely!), we have an issue we're trying to resolve. See this thread for details. Please send me a PM and tell me the email address your codes were sent to (even if they didn't arrive). Click the link in my sig. Thanks in advance. Closing this thread to cut down on redundancy.
  3. Hey all - sorry I didn't get to this thread sooner. We're aware of this issue and people are working on it right now. Here's a thread I started earlier. If you have not already sent me a PM with your registered email address in it (ie, the one that your email with codes/keys in it would have been sent to) please do so - click on the link in my sig. I'm going to close this thread, just so we don't have too many threads on the topic. Rest assured, we're working on it. I'll give you updates as soon as I have them.
  4. Hi , - we're aware of this issue and working on it right now. Here's a thread I started on it. To help me along, if you could both send me a PM (click the link in my sig below) with the email address that your key email was sent to, it'll probably help resolve a fraction faster. To ease the proliferation of threads on this, I'm going to shut this one - but we are working on it, rest assured.
  5. Hey , - we're investigating an issue right now that's specifically affecting Tilt Brush codes. When it's resolved, I'll update here. Apologies for the issues you're experiencing.
  6. Hi there - sorry about that. I'm investigating an issue surrounding this right now, but might take a little while to resolve. If possible, could you send me a PM (link is in my sig below) and let me know the email address you're registered with? Thank you.
  7. Just coincidence I happened to be here. :) No problem - let us know if you have other issues!
  8. - check your email, your codes should have been sent to you there, too.
  9. Hi , just to be clear - you're looking at the Vive desktop client, and you don't see Tilt Brush in there? Or is it not appearing in your online library, either? (When logged in, you'll find your online library here.)
  10. Hey , can you send me a PM (click here) with a screenshot of what you saw in the email? It should have looked something like the image below. If you haven't seen an email like this, make sure you check your spam.
  11. Hi - have you checked both the web and desktop clients for Viveport? Make sure you've restarted the Vive client if you haven't recently, and also ensure you have the most up to date version. If you still have problems, send me a PM (click that link).
  12. Hi , I removed your email from the above because it's not a good idea to put that on a public forum. :) You should have received your Fallout 4 VR key via email, as well as seeing it at the end of the redemption flow. Can you check your email spam? It may be there. If you still have problems, reply here or send me a PM (click on my name, then click 'send a message' on the right hand side).
  13. What Kimmy probably meant to say was email our escalation team. :) Email vive_care@vive.com with details.
  14. Are you talking about a hardware order? Well, it could make things a little annoying if you need to check order status, etc. Assuming you're using the same account you logged into here for the forums, visit this page: https://www.htcsense.com/account You should be able to edit your email at the top.
  15. Hi - you'll need to talk to Customer Care regarding that. Here's how to get in contact.
  16. Hi , You should find a voucher code in your Vive box. That's redeemed at https://www.vive.com/code/ When the code is redeemed, you'll be shown (and emailed) your Fallout 4 VR Steam Key.
  17. Hi , it's possible you're logged in with another account on Viveport. If you normally login with Steam/Google/Facebook, then check to see if you have an HTC account by going to this page and entering your email to reset your password. If you get an error, then send me a PM (click my name, click the button under 'contact me') and we'll look into it further.
  18. Hi - please send me a PM and I'll try to help you out. Click on my name, then click 'send a message'.
  19. Hi , if the Vive was bought second hand (I think that's what you're saying) we obviously cannot guarantee the code will not be used. That said, please send me a PM with the code you currently have, and I'll see what we can do. Click on my name and then click 'send a message'.
  20. In theory, yes, but generally it will work better while under cover. Even if that's just a marquee style tent. :)
  21. As a follow up to this, our tech team found the issue (which was on the website) and it should now be fixed, if anyone else experiences this.
  22. - when did you purchase your Vive? If you purchased it when the Fallout 4 VR offer was happening, then when you redeemed the in-box code you will have been sent keys for Fallout 4 VR and Tilt Brush. If, when you login, you're not seeing codes displayed then it's possible that you never redeemed the code, or you have redeemed it, but on another account. If you think you never redeemed the code at all, then send a PM to me or Synthesis. We'll require proof of purchase before we can send you another in-box code. If you're unsure of whether you're logging in with the right account, you should check your email address. You'll have received an email from HTC when you created the account to verify it.
  23. We know. :) We're working on the problem right now, but in the meantime, talking to you ( and ) in PM.
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