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  1. Apologies for the confusion here . Access to VIveport VR is going to roll out gradually in the next few days.
  2. For the official details on today's announcements, check the official blog.
  3. What is Viveport VR? Viveport VR is an all-new way to browse, discover and purchase VR content. Instead of being locked to a 2D plane on a PC or phone, Viveport VR lets you browse and discover content in a deep and immersive VR experience. See Viveport VR in action in our (see below). When will Viveport VR be available? Early access to Viveport VR is available now. Please ensure your Viveport client is up to date - version 1.1.8 (r5) is required for access to Viveport VR. (Click the 'cog' icon on the top right of the client, then 'Check for updates'.) How can I get Viveport VR? If you have the Vive Software already installed, an update will roll out on 1/8/18 which includes early access to the new Viveport VR experience. To check if an update is available, go to Settings (gear icon in the top right), scroll to the bottom and click “Check for updates”. If you need to download and install the Vive Software, please visit www.vive.com/setup. If you are downloading the Vive Software for the first time, Viveport VR will be included in your initial download. How many titles are available on Viveport VR? Across all supported territories, there are more than 1,000 titles available on Viveport (globally). All of them can be browsed and discovered through Viveport VR. What are “VR Previews” in Viveport VR? How many titles take advantage of them? VR Previews are a new way to preview content in Viveport VR. You can get an immersive first-look and even interact with some of the content. At launch, Viveport has over 30 VR previews and around 15 titles/experiences that have implemented interactive scenes including Arcade Saga from Vive Studios and Cosmic Trip from Funktronic Labs. We expect many developers to take advantage of the Viveport Scene SDK to create VR Previews for Viveport VR. How much effort is it for developers to create VR Previews? For developers working in the Unity Engine, it is straightforward to create VR previews with the Viveport Scene SDK. Developers use their existing assets and create an immersive “Scene preview” for their content. There are many options requiring varying levels of effort that developers can take advantage of. With Unity assets in hand, developers can create the most immersive VR Previews (full 3D scenes with interaction) in a day. Why should developers create VR Previews? By creating a VR preview, developers are going beyond traditional trailers and screenshots. Previews more accurately reflect the VR experience to potential customers and inform their decision to buy. The Viveport VR store will also prioritize titles with VR Previews for home page placements and features. Where can developers find additional information to create a VR Preview? Detailed documentation can be found in the Viveport web wiki, found at developer.viveport.com. Additionally, the Viveport Scene SDK includes both a wizard to guide developers through the export process and detailed example scenes. Controls What are the controls in Viveport VR? The Vive controller with the arrow icons () over the trackpad is used to interact with the Viveport VR store interface. Aim the controller and a visible pointer targets your selection. Pull the trigger to select. Press or swipe on the trackpad up, down, left or right to move between titles and rows on the store. The Vive controller with the icon () over the trackpad is used to teleport and move around the environment. Aim the controller and click the trackpad to teleport to the spot you were aiming at. You can also press and hold the trackpad, aim the controller, and release to teleport. Can I move around? Yes! Use the teleport controller to move around the platform and get your preferred viewing angle on the Viveport VR store. Of course, Viveport VR supports room-scale and you can walk if you have the space. How do I browse the Viveport VR store? Use the controller to select any title you see. The current selected title is in the top left with a larger title card. Details about the title appear in the main media window. Titles are arranged in rows. Each row has a name that describes the group of content as well as the current position out of the total number of titles. Use the trackpad to navigate left or right to see more titles. You can move up and down content rows using the trackpad or by selecting a title in that row. Select a group name to open a jump list of all the available groups. In addition, you can use filter and sort options to change the titles or groups that are visible. How do I filter and sort content on the Viveport VR store? Your options to filter and sort content on the Viveport VR store appear on the left side of the content wall. Select the icon () to open available filters. At launch, you can filter by Subscription & Price, Genre, Play Area, and Number of Players. Titles appearing in the content wall will be filtered by your selections. You can clear and reset filters at any time. Select the icon () to open sort options. You can sort by Recommended (default), Most Popular, Release Date, User Reviews, Lowest Price, Highest Price, and Name. Choosing a sort option will change the rows and order that titles appear. Can I search in Viveport VR? In this early access release, search is unavailable in Viveport VR. You can use filter and sort options to discover and narrow down titles. Search is available on the Viveport web and PC client stores. I have a title that I’m interested in selected. What now? Details about the currently selected title appear in the main media window. In the Overview tab, videos and screenshots can be browsed. Play, pause, mute and unmute videos and select the right or left sides of the window to scroll through the assets. Select the Details tab to read the title description and other useful information. If reviews are available for the title, you can view ratings and comments in the Reviews tab. How do I purchase a title I'm interested in? Purchase options for the selected title appear below the main media window. For paid experiences, a saved payment method is needed. If not set up, add a payment method using the Vive Software. If you are a Viveport subscriber, titles in the Subscription catalog can be selected, downloaded and played. If you want to return to this title later, bookmark the title and find it in your “My Bookmarks” group. Can I sign into my Viveport account or switch accounts in Viveport VR? At this time, Viveport VR uses the Viveport account that is currently signed into the Vive Software. To sign in or switch accounts, use the Vive Software and relaunch Viveport VR. When using Viveport VR, you can see the active account on the account panel to the right of the main media window. Can I access Viveport Subscription in Viveport VR? Yes. If you are new to Viveport Subscription, you can sign up for a free trial or browse available subscription plans. A saved payment method is needed. If a payment method is not set up, use the Vive Software to add one. You can use the filter option “Available in Subscription” to only view titles that are included in the Viveport Subscription catalog. Make your monthly selections by selecting “Download with Subscription” when a title is selected. Can I see my current Viveport Subscription selections? Yes, view your current subscription selections on the account panel to the right of the main media window. How do I access my library of VR titles in Viveport VR? On the account panel to the right of the main media window, select “Open Library”. The Vive Dashboard will appear including your library of titles. You can also play downloaded titles when selecting the title in the Viveport VR store. How do Bookmarks work in Viveport VR? When a title is selected, it can be bookmarked by selecting the icon [insert icon] next to the purchase options on the main media window or in a VR Preview. Once you have one or more bookmarks, a new row “My Bookmarks” is visible when sorting by “Recommended”. View all your bookmarks here in Viveport VR. Bookmarks are a helpful way to track titles you are interested in but not ready to purchase or download yet. VR Previews How do I view VR Previews in Viveport VR? When browsing the Viveport VR store with the sort option “Recommended”, the row “VR Previews” is visible which includes all titles that offer a VR Preview. When a title with a VR Preview is selected, an icon [insert icon] appears below the main media window. Select the icon to launch the VR Preview. If the VR Preview is loading, a loading circle will spin until it is ready. When viewing a VR Preview, a menu is visible displaying the title card, purchase or download options, a way to navigate to the next or previous VR preview and return button to the Viveport VR store. Can I access VR Previews from the Viveport store on web or PC client? When using the PC client, titles that support VR previews will have a new button “VR Preview Available”. Click to launch the VR Preview in the headset. At this time, VR Previews cannot be launched from the web store. What are the controls while in VR Previews? The same controls of Viveport VR continue into VR Previews. Both controllers can be used to interact. Interactable or moveable objects in VR Previews highlight when aimed at with the laser. Select or pick up objects by pulling the trigger. The other controller is used to teleport and move around the VR Preview, if the VR Preview has space to explore.
  4. Hi , please send a PM to me (link in my sig) and , letting us know your email address associated with your Viveport Subscription. We'll look into it for you.
  5. Hey everyone, as this thread pertains to the bundle we ran last summer, it's a bit outdated and could confuse. I'm going to close it now. If you have similar issues to what's described here, feel free to find a more recent thread to post in.
  6. Hi , we're going to discuss this internally and get back to you. We'll refund you for any time you've missed out on after we resolve. Apologies for the issues you've had.
  7. Hey , your title is published, but as it's for sale as a game, it's only available in China currently. That's standard practice for most games on Viveport. You're also available in the Viveport Arcade program. If you check out the Viveport Developer Console (where you uploaded the build, added marketing assets etc) it should be clear. If you have more questions, you can PM me or reach out to the content development team.
  8. You will get a code in the Vive packaging, and will redeem that for your free content. That's when you'll get an email confirming it, . :)
  9. , if you just purchased your Vive, and it was purchased directly from Vive.com (https://www.vive.com/au/), then the code you're talking about comes in the actual packaging. (See the FAQ in my sig for more on that.) If you are waiting on an email to confirm your purchase or delivery, and that hasn't come through, please check your spam to make sure it's not in there. If you still need help, you should talk to Australian Customer Care directly.
  10. Hi , looks like you're in the UK. The Steam voucher, I believe, is supposed to be sent via email or shown to you at the end of the checkout process - if you're ordering from Vive.com. I'd suggest at this point you contact the UK Customer Care team who should be able to help you (just click that link).
  11. - I sent you a tweet, but if you don't see that but see this, please send me a PM. We want to get more information on what you're seeing, and if possible, log files.
  12. You've got my attention at least, and I'm escalating. Thanks for the heads-up.
  13. Hello again . So, it looks to me like some of those titles are on Steam. We do display Steam titles as they use the 'Open VR' standard, but you can't delete them through Viveport - you've got to do it through Steam. The title you have highlighted in the screenshot is from Steam, for example. Also, we currently keep the title visible in your library even if uninstalled so if you've paid for it, you know you can reinstall it. You can use the filters at the top right to filter by various criteria, so that may help. The 'Page Not Found' error is confusing me though. Can you send me a PM with your account email address? I'll have to escalate but I'd like to figure it out.
  14. Hi , it's possible you might have created another account by accident. Can you PM me and let me know what email address you're using? If you use the same address for Steam, Facebook or Google, and also created an HTC account, it's possible to get them confused.
  15. Hi , can you post a screenshot of what you're seeing? Regarding removal of demos, you can delete whatever you don't want. Hover over a title in your library and look for the delete icon.
  16. Hi , has this persisted for you? I think we had a few authorization problems earlier today. Let me know?
  17. Hi , if you send me a screenshot of your Amazon order details, and also the code itself (should be a 10-digit letter combo) then we should be able to help. Link to PM me in my sig.
  18. Generally, no. We have run competitions in the past and probably will in the future. Make sure you follow Vive and Viveport on our various social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to keep updated. And stick around here too. :)
  19. Hello , send me over a screenshot of your Amazon order/invoice and we'll help you out. (Click link in my sig to send a PM.)
  20. Hello there! Keeping the headset plugged in - fine! The green light is okay, not a problem. You can unplug your base stations between uses, and yes, that's the only way to power them down without Bluetooth. You may want to look into buying a power cord switch - maybe something similar to this - which will allow you to turn the base stations on/off without having to remove the plugs from the wall. Hope that helps!
  21. , If you just purchased your Vive, the code which you redeem for Fallout 4 VR is in the box. It can be a bit hard to find, but should be in there. If you've redeemed that code and had no Fallout 4 VR code sent to you, send myself or a PM and we'll help you out with that.
  22. Hi , could you send me a PM (there's a link in my sig) with more details? Ideally, send me a screenshot of the email you received, and include your email address too. If you did get sent the wrong codes, we definitely want to investigate.
  23. Hi there, Sorry you seem to have an issue here. This is the first report we've seen of an incorrect bundle being issued, so we definitely want to get to the bottom of it if there's an issue. As of yesterday, correct bundles were being issued (I tested myself) so we'll want to check and see if this is one-off. As said, send him a quick PM with your order details and he will be able to help you with the Fallout 4 VR code.
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