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  1. Ack, sorry to hear that, . I hope you're back in VR soon. :(
  2. Hi  (and others). Let me take a crack at the ELI5 version. (Working on a more detailed FAQ than this, by the way, but this will serve as a stopgap.) Viveport is separate from Steam and purchases made in Viveport are not automatically added to your Steam Library (although, like other titles, you can add Viveport-purchased games to your Steam library as non-Steam apps, if you wish). To start with, if you don't already have it, download the Vive desktop app. If you've only ever used SteamVR, you may not have it at all. You can download it here: http://www.vive.com/us/setup/ If your Vive is already set up you can go with the second option, the Vive Software Installer. Once you have this downloaded, install it and it should leave you with a Vive shortcut on your desktop. Run that - you will need to login to the HTC account you created when purchasing through Viveport. Within the desktop app you should see a 'Library' tab which should list any purchases you made via Viveport. You will install them from here. Then, within VR, you can select 'Viveport' from the main menu on the left hand side. There you should be able to access your library and titles. Hope that helps. It's v1.0 of Viveport and we really appreciate the feedback, which will help us improve Viveport going forward.
  3. Hi ; I'm afraid this isn't something we can easily diagnose via the forums directly. However, if you contact our Customer Care team via chat, you can request they run a diagnostic on the headset display. That will help them narrow down the issue and give you more advice. Visit the Customer Care 'Contact Us' page here: https://www.vive.com/us/support/contactus/
  4. Sorry about the frustrations you're having, . Can I get some follow-up info from you? (Feel free to PM me any of this if you prefer.) Can you confirm you were having issues logging into the Viveport desktop app, and not the Viveport site? (Slightly hard to tell from your screen.) Does this happen immediately upon login? Did you previously select your location when logging into Viveport.com, or did you open the desktop app first of all? It sounds like you re-downloaded the desktop app client a few times (sorry about that) and then had issues logging in. Did you change any settings as part of that process, like email address or similar? Just trying to get as much detail as possible so we can reproduce and fix. Thanks again for the report, and sorry for the issues.
  5. Hi , thanks for the feedback. We're looking into potential solutions for a better checkout. Our payment processor is Xsolla, who handle a large number of payment types for us. We will investigate being unable to remove your payment method with them. In the interim, we've been advised that you should submit a ticket to them (including your transaction number, which you should find in your email receipt) via https://help.xsolla.com/ and they should be able to assist you. Let us know if you cannot resolve things via Xsolla.
  6. This post has been moved. Follow the link to the new location. Thanks!
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