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  1. Hi Mark,


    While I requested that you be refunded and the subscription canceled several weeks ago when we spoke via PM, upon investigation here it seems like that didn't happen. My apologies. I don't have direct access to that refund mechanism, but I've ensured it happened today. You should see refunds on the two charges within 10 business days.


    Regarding the six month subscription, I'm afraid I don't have any record, in PM or email, of sending you a code. Feel free to send me screenshots if you have them; it's possible an email or PM got deleted. If you were sent a six month code separate to your initial purchase code, then let me know; if it's not working, we can fix.


    If you're referring to the Vive Pro sign-up offer, that was time limited. Initially one year of VP Sub was available when registering your original Vive alongside a Vive Pro; if you did not register the original Vive, the offering was six months. After the offer ended, it reverted to two months of Viveport Subscription.


    From the records we have, it seems when you redeemed - in June - the offer was two months. That said, if you can send me a screenshot of your proof of purchase on the Vive Pro, and if it was within the offer period, I'll ensure you get either another six months of VP Sub or a full year if required.

  2. Hi , not too sure of the confusion here. Your original post at the top of the thread was made in January. It was only edited by yourself, and then in a minor fashion. See attached screenshot.


    It looks like  assisted you at that time, and catching up here, looks like your situation is fixed now. Let us know if there's anything else we can do.


    As a matter of policy we may remove a post if it's a direct duplicate of another. (That can happen sometimes by accident.) We do edit posts if they contain self-identifying personal information, like email addresses, phone numbers, addresses and so on. In one case in this thread you mentioned a phone number, which I edited out.


    We do not edit posts for clarity or to obscure information. If we did make any edits to a post - for example the private info example - we'll note that in the edit.


    Not sure what might have happened here - maybe a caching issue or something - but to reassure you, we were not editing your posts.


    Let us know if you have further questions.



    Why do you have to PM me just to tell me to contact you at
    ? Why not make this email public to everyone so that other people's issues can also be addressed equally? There's a ton of people out there who deserve some support as well.. 


    Because having the address public would make it susceptible to web crawlers, which would lead to bots and spam, which would slow down and inhibit our ability to maintain contact with customers.


    Anyone is free to PM representatives like  for assistance, and we're very open about that.

  4. Hello there. I'm the forum admin, and I locked the thread, as we took the issue to email. The thread is still available and can be read. You were emailed on August 9th by our care team; please check your Spam folder in case it was diverted there.


    After diagnosis and testing of the products you previously returned to us, we have not found any hardware issues. Our EU support team is still very willing to support you and rectify any fault found that would normally be covered by warranty, even though your product warranty has now expired. If you would like to take up this offer, contact me via PM, and I’ll have Support contact you again.

  5. Hi  - the offer to get your Vive Pro redemption code 'extended' was time limited. It also required entry of your serial number for an existing Vive. If you redeemed it recently, that's what's happened. If you were told otherwise by a retailer, apologies on their behalf.


    Getting charged after you've redeemed a code clearly shouldn't happen. (To be clear, we do require payment details on sign up for a Viveport Subscription, but you should not be charged (i.e. see money removed!) until the end of your trial period, or the end of your pre-paid subscription period.) If you can send me a PM with the email address associated with your account, I can get that investigated further, and if required we'll issue a refund for you.

  6. Hi  - codes were sent on the 10th, but we can double check for you.


    Can you first check your spam folders and ensure the code email isn't there? (If you find it, please let me know here.)


    If you still don't find it, send me a PM (link in my sig) with the email address associated with your account, and we'll double check - and if necessary send you new codes. Thanks.



     - I already got your PM and we're checking for you.

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