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  1. Hi , we ask for a method of payment so that when your free trial expires, you will be able to continue playing without interruption. It's a standard method for many subscription based services. If you're having an issue using your redemption code other than this, please feel free to let us know and we'll be glad to help you out.

  2. VR for Impact

     - You don't have to be a developer to contribute an idea. If it's good enough, we hope we'll be able to help you find a developer (or match you with an existing one that perhaps has a similar idea).


     - We actually mean what we say when we say 'any platform'. We're hopeful that we will see finished projects on the Vive, but we won't dismiss ideas because they may have been initially developed on other platforms. Your example of 360 video being a good one. To have the most impact, we hope to see any of these ideas launch on a number of different platforms to get to as wide an audience as possible.


     - We would absolutely consider an application from a team like yourselves, and we'd be glad to see it. #SCIENCE :) 

  3. VR for Impact

     - your description doesn't have to be completely final, but of course, the less it changes going forward and the more 'solid' it is, the more likely it is to be considered. Treat it as a serious business proposal is my suggestion!


     - we don't really have a deadline for submissions, currently. If that changes, we'll let you know. Earth Day is, we hope, the first time we'll reveal our first apps, so bear that in mind. As for 'how fully fleshed out' see my suggestion to DAVR above; this should be seen as a business proposal, and the more you can give to support your application, the more likely we are to take it seriously. That doesn't guarantee success, of course, but it probably helps.

  4. VR for Impact

    , no problem. If you're in a patent pending scenario, I'm sure you might want to be reticent. You could in theory suggest what the project is without giving too many details? Ultimately your choice of course.

  5. VR for Impact

     - good questions.


    1) Final decisions haven't been made on that yet - it depends on what gets submitted. We're open to all stages of an idea, but obviously, the more developed and feasible the idea is (even if it's not prototyped or coded), the more likely it is to be seriously considered.


    2) That's a good suggestion, but right now we don't have that site. We will certainly publish details of titles selected on VRforImpact.com.


     - if you're talking about your own IP, you own the copyright and therefore, there should be no concerns in submission. If it's someone else's IP, you may want to talk to the original rights holders. Your application is only shared with those working on the VRforImpact project.

  6. Talking Arcade Saga

    Hello Vive fans! We have TWO copies of Arcade Saga to give away. (Obviously, requires Steam, a PC, and a Vive!)


    All you have to do is tell us in a comment below... if you could add a game to Arcade Saga, what would it be? How would it work? Please limit your answer to no more than 100 words, and while we know some of you are great artists, no pictures are required. :)


    David and J will look over your answers and pick their favorites in early January. We'll reach out to the two winners via Private Message. Good luck!

  7. Announcing our third group of VDA nominees!

    Hey , the wording is a little tricky but  made it clearer (thank you). The submission period is as stated (and it's that exact because... well, lawyers) but as also stated, you need to be published during that time.


    Our submission / content approvals team is working hard to review everything, but we cannot guarantee publication in the timeframe because of a number of factors including subject matter review, passing QA, etc. I am happy to check in on the status of review, but again, we can't guarantee. Submit ASAP, even if it's a 'v1', in my opinion.


    (Also we certainly hope we'll continue the VDAs in future, so this might not be your final chance!)

  8. Announcing our third group of VDA nominees!

    Hi , as we cannot judge how many apps will be submitted before the 30th, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to process all submissions in time for the deadline. While you can submit on the 29th, the 30th is the deadline for the app to be live, and as such we'd advise you to get your app into submission as early as you can. 

  9. Your journey begins at VIVEPORT™

    Hi , our aim with Viveport is to promote VR experiences, which generally are not going to be games.


    We're not looking to become a games-focused marketplace as Steam is, but we think we can co-exist to broaden the appeal of VR beyond the gaming market. Ultimately we want to become a platform for virtual reality experiences, wherever they might be.


    Whether you're a Steam user or a Viveport user or both, you're welcome here. :)

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