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  1. Yes, I did have it enabled by default. I disabled it, restarted, and re-enabled it. Still didn't work. I even did a fresh install of windows 10. Same issue. The headset worked for a day with no issues, then the next day, it started having this issue. The headset was dropped once by accident onto a carpet floor from about 3 feet. Which may have been the cause. I got the wireless Kit for the Vive Cosmos Elite just to rule out the headset cable wasn't the issue. Even though the headset was being seen via mirroring option in steam vr settings or vive settings, but the headset itself wasn't displaying anything. I ended up returning the headset and getting a new one. If the issue persists, I am going to assume it is something wrong with my desktop. I will be back here as needed. Just in case anyone wants to know what kind of troubleshooting I did, this is what I did (and not in any order at all): Tried reinstalling all software, basically a fresh install of everything (before reinstalling Windows 10) Tried re-seating the headset cable into the headset itself Tried re-plugging in all the cables into the PC and power outlets. Tried removing all USB drives (the setting in Vive or Steam VR settings as instructed) Tried removing environment variable as well Did a fresh install of Windows 10, just to see if maybe something was corrupt or maybe a bad driver. I checked all drivers to make sure they were up to date. (before and after windows 10 install) I didn't update to Feature Update (2004) because I saw someone had issues with that. Checked the Camera settings in Windows 10 and it is all enabled and what not I think that covers all that I did and still didn't find a solution. I definitely would love to open up the headset to see if maybe I can find the issue there, but I didn't want to void the warranty or anything. I ended up returning the headset and got a new one. The headset is being delivered today and I will post again if the issue continues (or if a new issue arises). Did another fresh install of Windows 10 as well, just to make sure it works. I got the wireless kit ready to go as well for it.
  2. Hello, I am having this issue. The headset worked for 24 hours when i got it, then just stopped. I tried changing the settings and it has done nothing. I tried removing all USB devices and even disable direct display in the steam developer settings. I thought maybe it was the display cable, so i bought the wireless kit and got it all setup. However there is still no display, even when the LED is green. I've even reformatted my computer with a fresh install of windows 10. I am beginning to think the headset itself is broken. i am not sure what else to try.
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