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  1. Did you provide the information requested ? Things go wrong from time to time- part of life. It is not always a sinagular cause or directly related specifically to the company. Think your Vive is difficult to get repaired? wait until you own your first 60K car or your plumbing fails- and you will begin to see not all is perfect. This process does not have to be a ‘horrible experience’ - it will be - if you have decided thats what it is ahead of time. In fact- there is NO chance of it not being a ‘horrible experience’. You have already chosen it to be! You could turn it around into a learning experience- or god forbid- you may even come out on top- if you learn to play your cards right. My advice for you- keep patient, but chase up. If you are not receiving response via web- contact directly via telephone. Explain clearly and assertively. You will sort it. And for the second poster mate - I find it a long stretch that any issue could take you 12 months to have rectified- and if it did take 12 months - you really need to develop a better set of problem solving skills. Because, that really is the most absurd nonsense I have heard in sometime. You are one number- out of millions. Vive is not a resturant. You need to chase up.
  2. You are in charge of your attention. I do not notice the screen door effect- I am to busy creating or enjoying the experienced. Just accept the technology as it is instead of looking for these sorts of things. It will be many years 5+ to you see the type of VR you are imagining or the kind of hardware and applications to drive it.
  3. Would love to see a new viveport update that expands value for users. Perhaps, some new environments with dynamic elements. In fact, could Viveport use a third party to create a new collection of highly realised home environments that really push the level of presence and interactivity - It is now time to update and rapidly move to push new iterations of the Viveport app
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