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  1. The cosmos elite is the best in terms of comfort you have to position it really badly, remove the strap above and lower the helmet with better pressure.
  2. There is something that I do not understand and I do not know what you expect HTC to deploy the possibility of seeing its environment from the headset I have a lively elite with 4 useless camera which is just used to increase the weight of the headset they are unusable what are they for?
  3. Unfortunately you have to orient yourself only on the elite cosmos which has no worries on this side.
  4. Hello to fully recharge the battery you must use the cable provided in the kit as well as the power outlet provided with the controllers it takes 5 hours for a full charge see more.
  5. The literally come to screw up the performance in play to the point of becoming unplayable it is its the best VR experience I am starting to regret my elite cosmos at this rate which has problems since this update ?
  6. 473/5000 J'ai également reçu mon HTC vive cosmos elite hier, j'ai installé tout la dernière mise à jour et je suis confronté à ce problème tous mes jeux ont de mauvaises performances J'achète fps vr pour voir ba Je suis toujours dans le rouge avec une grosse baisse de fps avec un i9 9900k et un rtx 2080 le problème vient de ce maj alors qu'attendez-vous pour que HTC règle le problème? car si c'est pour avoir cette expérience, je le renvoie. .
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