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  1. Hi @zzy Yes, works fine right now. But why in HMD space ? why no just in camera space ? BR Tima
  2. @zzy thnks i'll give it a try
  3. Hi @zzy Do you call UseExternalTransform(true) before StartGestureDetection? Yes. Are you applying hmd transform on GestureResult, making your hands move with your HMD. Yes
  4. Hi @zzy I’ve got some problems. If I put my physical hand on table ( in fixed pose ) and very slowly turn my headset up and down my virtual hand stays at the same position relative to virtual camera but if I turn my headset a bit faster ( not very fast ) my virtual hand moves with virtual camera and sometimes returns back to initial position in virtual world. 1.) My frame rate is 90 fps 2.) No joints, I use only origin of the first point. 3.) Unity sample has no such issue 4.) I tried to set maxFPS to 90 in GestureOption the results are the same 5.) The same test runs without issues if I replace Vive-wrapper with LM-wrapper. (both wrappers return only left hand position in headset system coordinates) Any help would be appreciated. BR Tima
  5. @zzy when do you plan 'next release' ? BTW it would be nice to add 'grab-strength' too...
  6. Hi @zzy Yes, it works now. BTW Why don't make some helper function to calculate ( relative ) angles and pos for hand's bones ?
  7. ModelRenderer.cpp Line 178: float angle2 = UHandGestureUtils::UnsignedAngle(vec1p, forward); Should be: float angle2 = UHandGestureUtils::UnsignedAngle(vec2p, forward); @zzy
  8. Hi @zzy here is a minidump. https://gofile.io/d/l5Wyf2
  9. Hi @zzy GestureOption options; const GestureFailure ret = StartGestureDetection( &options ); throws Access violation in aristo_interface.dll. PS 1.) Camera test passed in SteamVR all drivers are up-to-date 2.) If i desable camera in SteanVR StartGestureDetection( &options ) returns GestureFailureCamera 3.) Vive Pro Any help would be appreciated.
  10. Hi @zzy Can you tell me when x86 build will be available? BR Tima
  11. Hi @zzy Thanks a lot. we will wait. BR Tima
  12. Hi @zzy We currently using leapmotion in our products but not fully satisfied with it. We would like to give a try to Vive hand Tracking but we can not migrate to x64 right now due to large code base. Is there any chance to release x32 ? BR Tima
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