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  1. HTC vive is very unresponsive, but so far ever since I got the thing, the tracking does NOT work, I can stand in a clear lit room in the midddle and everything in VR will be spinning. I reinstalled everything multiple times. I have had the thing for months and it has been constant troubleshooting, and the fixes only seem to work for the current session. One day later, tracking willl be a total joke again, and I have to repeat the process. Now I'm wondering, it's my first VR experience, but is it with others this bad? I see a lot of people mad about this "experimental product" and I too sort of feel scammed out of 700 $. I'm considering returning it and getting another from Valve... This thing is un-usable 0_o I am running 16 gb ram, gtx1070super with raytracing, etc basically this PC can run it fine. But the cameras inside the cosmos seem so BAD :/ It's a VR headset, that can not track a clear lit square room with basic objects. If I look away from the floor, I get "not enough visual detail". The app or the controllers will simply float off, not being tracked. I am done, I am tired of going through error codes. Stopping and restarting services, and taking all these steps when it seems to me, it's just inherent in this product? Anyway, it was great, the few hours it worked, but I'm getting more misery out of it then joy so I will see if I can get a refund... So frustrated
  2. They can't literally cause 90% of vive's success is due to valve, and they were behind most of the elegance of vive pro etc.
  3. Actually, a VR headset promising a VR experience, but does not deliver, IE horrible tracking, is against the very basic consumer law, at least here in the netherlands. That overrides any agreement signed with vive, and gives you rights to return for a year.
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