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  1. My god! 😝 I had the exact same issue at that part in boneworks, when going to the other side trying to go for the climbing part instead of the plank one. It was not possible by either one. Tracking just glitches out if you get your controllers too close to the headset and end up falling down...
  2. Yeah that's very good of you! πŸ™‚the fact when you're selling it you are making sure the buyer is aware of the issues. unlike HTC marketing team LOL .Watched a in-depth youtube video about this headset and just like the guy said " This headset shouldn't really exist." is spot on. It's still a good headset if you're playing games like racing sims and so on. Head tracking there's no issues with. But man was i boiling when trying to play boneworks. 😑
  3. Real sad that htc didn't test the headset, or if they did, saw the issue.. ignored it then released it anyways. At this point i just hope they were ignorant and just didn't test the headset properly.
  4. Wait even with lighthouse tracking you still encounter issues like this??? Was planning on getting the cosmos Elite after refunding my original cosmos. But hearing this i might just say f it and wait the 10weeks for a index @Toro Yeah this is really sad, I wounder if the developers themselves are actually reading the forum and are aware of this. Because checking twitter all i can see is them praising the cosmos through misleading advertisement.
  5. returned my cosmos to my retailer and getting the cosmos elite ( because i don't wanna wait over 10 weeks to get a valve index ) , the Original cosmos was a misstake from HTC's part. and should have never been released. i even doubt they tested the headset before releasing it ( which is f****ing unacceptable ) Yeah if you are a owner of the cosmos headset i suggest you contact the retailer you bought the headset from and write them a mail with clear details & also provide some evidence ( like forum posts, youtube videos about the headsets problem ect.... ) and they should be able to give you a refund or atleast let you be able to add some additional $ to get the cosmos ELITE. if a retailer sends back a device that has clear issues they have to give a refund. So there's really no reason for a retailer not to accept you're return. ( unless it has physical damage ). Also it's on there end, not your fault the retailer put up a faulty product on their site/shell. I got offered a refund from my retailer even tho i've had it over the 14days mark. I wrote a detailed message with evidence that the headset was faulty and just overall a trash product that shouldn't be sold. I live in the EU and over here we have the consumer protection law. And this headset pretty much breaks all of them.
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