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  1. @zzy I attached a PDF file for the images above in case you don't see them. There seems to be no performance increase when I use 3d point mode . Only rendering a yellow plane, two blue hands that are using basic shaders and few triangles shouldn't be consuming much GPU resources... How can I make a simple vr game with this if the performance is so low? If this is an Unreal issue, there should be someone that knows Unreal in the VIVE team that is able to handle these type issues. 01.pdf
  2. I've tested Vive Hand Tracking in Unreal Engine 4.,24 CPU : I7-7700k GPU : GTX 1660 RAM : 32Gb Vive Cosmos (https://www.vive.com/us/product/vive-cosmos/overview/) ViveHandTracking 0.9.2 I saw this post (https://forum.vive.com/topic/8459-vive-hand-tracking-camera-resolution/#) and was wondering if only Unreal had issues with performance. So I tested the Unity samples using RenderDoc. Here are the results below: Unity sample used two textures of 1584x1872. It rendered the Left Eye and Right Eye. separately. Basically Unreal Engine uses Instanced Stereo Rendering. Even if I turn off the Instanced Stereo Rendering, the Resolution is not changed. I think VIVE hand tracking uses image processing so it's performance is greatly affected by the resolution it processes. The performance is fine when I test Unreal Sample with vr.PixelDensity 0.5 Unity has a similar option called single pass stereo rendering. https://docs.unity3d.com/Manual/SinglePassStereoRendering.html So I think VIVE needs to support Instanced Stereo Rendering and Single Pass Stereo Rendering to improve the overall FPS. I need to know your thoughts on this and whether you have plans to update the SDK to improve performance.
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