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  1. Alright. So it means that it doesnt matter what resolution I choose in game, HMD will allways display same resolution? But higer res = clearer ( would it make 4k res apps prettier on HMD? ) and lower = blurry HMD? I hope I got this right. And what I understand there is no way to turn off display projection to improve GPU performance?
  2. Too bad only few shops sell INDEX at my country... and sadly it is overpriced so much I dont even wanna look at it. 3500nis for cosmos compared to 14500nis for index, you can do the math your self
  3. Didnt see how this update works yet... Afraid to turn it on after your all comments
  4. tnx for reply I am kind of confused regarding the 2D display. I figured out that it eats my resources, but I didnt find a way to turn it off, so basically always I play, I have another game parallely running on my display. I think when I adjust video settings in game to improve FPS in HMD it also reduces the quality of HMD display, so Im kinda baffled here with my 1080ti Also regarding the Display VR. When Ive seen the fog/dust clouds flicker on No Many Sky I checked my display to make sure what was the issue. Ive never seen flickering on regular display, but I had it in HMD. So I figured out while I had flickering in VR I still didnt have then in Display VR. Weird. Its not game breaking or anything, you dont see them on planets that arent windy and dusty, and it you do something concentrated you can successfully ignore it.
  5. That is indeed true. For me to upgrade as something that is necessary to play high precision games ( while it was marketed and having an "edge" for precision ), will be more expensive then the headset it self. Just as example: I got my headset for 3500NIS ( around 1000$ ), Prices that I've saw on the essentials for outside tracking are - Base station 2.0 1300NIS , x2 Wand 2.0 1000NIS x2 , and obviously the faceplate around 1500NIS aproxx ( faceplates do not sell yet here ) Which makes it around 5500NIS.. (around 1600$) As unattractive as it sounds that we didnt get what was on the product label, and that we have to spend more money to get it to fit the original marketed description, I would have upgraded to Elite set, but I am not expecting to to cost me more then 50% of the original Cosmos price
  6. I have 7 cats constantly playing around me, and sometimes my guests play and I watch them, or otherwise. Did not see any problem with that. It would actually be real nice is we'd hear how does room tracking works. Does it memorize edges? Does it memorize light emitting devices? Does it just scan all the trash around the room and this way remembers surroundings? Would be nice to get an answer to that.
  7. I've noticed French people are the only once demanding to speak in their language on this forum, what a weird thing to observe...
  8. I never tried outside base station tracking so I have nothing to compare to. My first experience with VR is actually Cosmos it self. I bought it as a present to my self And I did have lots of fun with it at the beginning. Yes, hands sometimes jumped around... Yes, there was some shaking (I believe its called jitter) ... Yes, standby aim of my controllers was slowly swimming to the side sometimes... I've played some shooter ( something "new dawn" ) and No Man's Sky ,but I didnt see any two handed weapons so I did not had any bad experience in aiming ( the thing most of people complain here ) That did not ruin my overall experience... but I've still put my Cosmos in a closet for now. Its hard for me to speak about tracking because like I said, I have nothing to compare it to. Its sounds fantastical to me that tracking can actually be consistent and without jittering, but obviously I would like this product to preform as it is described "Emitted light ensures accurate tracking on controllers. Get an edge with precision joysticks." , while its undoubtful does not have an edge on ANY other VR set tracking, judging by reviews. But I'm optimistic. Look at how everybody cried at No Man's Sky at the beginning, that is was a ripoff, that it was a lie, that developers just wanted easy money grabbing... And what have it become. Greatest comeback in history of Unfinished games 🤭. Maybe Cosmos will be the next one, judging by the improvements that came since January ( when I bought my Cosmos, and it cost me more 1000USD ) , taking in account the Corona crisis, and comparing it to Beta releases, I'd say, give guys a chance, you can see they are trying. Maybe it is not worth the money right now because it does not fit it's description, but dont scrap it yet. I believe that team that works to fix those issues just needs some time. Anyways, If the engineering team will not succeed with technical improvements, I believe marketing team should give us some kind of solution
  9. I have a question regarding your No Man's Sky experience. How did you notice that your resolution improved just by switching video cards? Or you were talking about FPS? When I play No Man's Sky I notice some effects like dust clouds and fog flicker in Cosmos, but not on my PC display. One more annoying issue is that sometimes the framerate drops sometimes (above 30 FPS, but still...) I am using 9700k not overclocked, and 1080TI not overclocked, I will probably create a separate thread regarding this issue later on
  10. True, even thou I have enough space in room, I bought this headset because It did not require any additional setups. Regarding that... I dont really think this will developed (not for Cosmos at least), because it should be invented from scratch. Because judging by what is happening to Cosmos and potential upgrades for unfortunate Cosmos consumers, I dont think HTC management will invest in developing that kind of tech.
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