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  1. Thanks I figured that out I ordered a EVGA - KO ULTRA GAMING NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 6GB That should do it right I wont have it for 3 weeks will my ryzen 3 cpu be good enough I hope
  2. what brand card did you get looks like that's what I got to do to I have an evga nvidia 760
  3. lunadude Did your new graphics card solve the 210 error?
  4. tried that all I get is 210 compositor disconnected restart to fix never works. Its new never got it to work its a week old a gift cant return it Trace No: 20200530011402
  5. I bought a cosmos elite and have never got it to work its a week old. Base stations found does not find controllers and gives me a red light no display with 210 Compositor disconnected restart to fix. Restarting does not work. I have gone as far as formatting my pc and reinstalling windows and drivers. please help 900 bucks and I cant use it. This is my first I never experience VR yet .so disappointed
  6. I bought a cosmos elite it does not work. I did a clean install of windows it did not work cosmos still red light dead
  7. I have the same problem red light no video and a 210 the compositor disconnected restart to fix. Restarted never fixs it. Just bought it 900 bucks and iv never been able to use it please help I am very disappointed
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