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  1. Vive needs to start making there connection cable better. I am going on my 3rd cable and I carefully put it away every night. I have read on the web a lot of people have been having there cable go on them. It starts by randomly turning the headset off then back on a couple seconds later. Then it don't work at all. Replacing the cable fix's it. Then 3 months later replacing it again. I have PC cables 10 years old that still work. For 900 bucks I expected better quality then this. When I got to keep replacing a 60 dollar cable every couple months makes me mad. I play race games so Im sitting in one spot not moving much so its not wear and tear. Its very poor quality.
  2. Same problem was running it on windows 8.1. Then the update added DX12 support witch only windows 10 has. Lucky me I have duel boot 8 and 10.
  3. I bought my elite when it first came out. I was completely disappointed right out of the box. Blurry, god rays everywhere everything out of focus 15 minutes of wearing it felt like someone hit me between the eyes with a hammer.. So I spent another 400 bucks on a new graphics card. No improvement at all in VR huge improvement on flat screen. So it just sat there collected dust for a year 1/2 picking it up now and then just to get mad. Now that I finally did the Gear VR lens mod I cant put it down. It is that much of a change. I no longer need glasses using it my eyes do not hurt at all even after 10 hours of non stop play "did I mention I cant put it down now lol" Everything is crystal clear and brighter the entire lens is the sweet spot. I cant even call it a sweet spot. Everywhere I move my eyes is clear I cant find a blurry spot anywhere. It was so easy and simple to do this mod. I used my finger nail to get between the housing and lens to spread it a bit took a small flat eye glass screw driver and it popped right out. The whole process both lens out then new ones in took 45 seconds. I will never upgrade to a new headset until they stop using cheap plastic Fresnel lens. No matter how good they make the hardware it will always look like crap with Fresnel. Fresnel len's are very old tectonically from the 90's. They used them for big screen TV's. Why they used them in a 900 dollar VR headset in 2020 is unbelievable. Unless they stop using Fresnel len's there going kill VR and it will go the way 3d TV went. I believe with the gear mod the elite is the best headset money can buy. Vive please consider changing from Fresnel to Singlet lens they are so much better. Picture below left fresnel right singlet. that bar is a shadow does not show in vr
  4. Its probably your cable. I had to replace mine after 6 months. Its made of really soft rubber witch kinks easy. I got a new one for 60 bucks at amazon the new one is made better. All so another problem I have had is on the link box. I thought it was the power cord end but no it was the hole it plugged in to. So I took a rubber band and wrapped around the plug end and the link box wire to put a little sideways pressure on the plug going into the hole works perfect now. All so The Cosmos Elite With the gear VR lens mod. Is far better then any headset you can buy to date. Fresnel lens suck and there still using them in the new headsets coming out. I don't get it its like looking at a 1990s TV screen. So you should google and check out the "gear VR lens mod for the Cosmos Elite" No more god rays no more circle lines "those circle lines cause the edges of graphics to be jagged" the entire lens is the sweet spot its as clear as my 4k TV.
  5. Fresnel lenses are trash. I Replaced mine will never go back to Fresnel lenses. I was completely blown away with the crystal clear clarity. No more god rays or light scatter completely removes screen door effect. Much better sense of motion in racing games.
  6. Is there a way to get an old version of your software. Everything worked perfect a week ago.
  7. After your last update my cosmos elite will not work. It gives me this error in console "H501 : hvr_ERR_interface_loadcore_fail". I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling Even tried beta program nothing works. Solid red light no display. 842829748_NewBitmapImage(2).bmp
  8. I really need a way to completely disable IPD pop up in headset. It is always popping up move head to fast or just touching headset makes it pop up. I don't need it or want it. Its really a game killer to have it always bugging me. I have the Cosmos Elite.
  9. This worked for me all ports now work correctly. updates to the latest version of Windows, can sometimes cause conflicts with drivers and cause USB 3.0 devices to stop working as they should. https://www.lifewire.com/install-usb-3-drivers-windows-10-4588096
  10. Is there a way to increase the vibration.
  11. This is in CA USA https://www.newegg.com/p/1XZ-00BZ-00014?Description=Inateck%20usb&cm_re=Inateck_usb-_-9SIAMD6ANM2031-_-Product
  12. Mine is still working but I have it connected to front port. As of setup not detecting usb 3 port. Skip that part then let steam fully install. So it installs watchman dongle .LHR . and vive Cosmos.. You can verify this by going to settings/devices in windows. Do not uninstall but run Cosmos elite setup again. USB 3 will be detected this time around.
  13. After a little bit more research I believe. It was the disabling of XHCI handoff in the motherboards bios setting. What it does is make your USB 3 function like USB 2.
  14. I am still awaiting new graphics card. But I thought I would add some things I have found out. I did 3 things 1. I updated my motherboard Bio's to the newest version 2. I disabled usb xhci handoff in bios 3. I disabled bios device security. Now my headset works perfectly but in vive console there's a 009 error that stays there. But all works fine. So I have come to the conclusion its a USB problem on some chipsets. I read on this site that this usb card is proven to work well with Vive headsets so I am ordering one. https://www.inateck.com/inateck-ktu3fr-2o2i-usb-3-0-pci-express-card.html
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