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  1. Fresnel lenses are trash. I Replaced mine will never go back to Fresnel lenses. I was completely blown away with the crystal clear clarity. No more god rays or light scatter completely removes screen door effect. Much better sense of motion in racing games.
  2. Is there a way to get an old version of your software. Everything worked perfect a week ago.
  3. After your last update my cosmos elite will not work. It gives me this error in console "H501 : hvr_ERR_interface_loadcore_fail". I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling Even tried beta program nothing works. Solid red light no display. 842829748_NewBitmapImage(2).bmp
  4. I really need a way to completely disable IPD pop up in headset. It is always popping up move head to fast or just touching headset makes it pop up. I don't need it or want it. Its really a game killer to have it always bugging me. I have the Cosmos Elite.
  5. This worked for me all ports now work correctly. updates to the latest version of Windows, can sometimes cause conflicts with drivers and cause USB 3.0 devices to stop working as they should. https://www.lifewire.com/install-usb-3-drivers-windows-10-4588096
  6. Is there a way to increase the vibration.
  7. This is in CA USA https://www.newegg.com/p/1XZ-00BZ-00014?Description=Inateck%20usb&cm_re=Inateck_usb-_-9SIAMD6ANM2031-_-Product
  8. Mine is still working but I have it connected to front port. As of setup not detecting usb 3 port. Skip that part then let steam fully install. So it installs watchman dongle .LHR . and vive Cosmos.. You can verify this by going to settings/devices in windows. Do not uninstall but run Cosmos elite setup again. USB 3 will be detected this time around.
  9. After a little bit more research I believe. It was the disabling of XHCI handoff in the motherboards bios setting. What it does is make your USB 3 function like USB 2.
  10. I am still awaiting new graphics card. But I thought I would add some things I have found out. I did 3 things 1. I updated my motherboard Bio's to the newest version 2. I disabled usb xhci handoff in bios 3. I disabled bios device security. Now my headset works perfectly but in vive console there's a 009 error that stays there. But all works fine. So I have come to the conclusion its a USB problem on some chipsets. I read on this site that this usb card is proven to work well with Vive headsets so I am ordering one. https://www.inateck.com/inateck-ktu3fr-2o2i-usb-3-0-pci-express-card.h
  11. I' am having the same issue on Cosmos Elite that worked before.. But mine is a 222 error and it goes on and off saying usb disconnected. I was told its my gtx 760 graphics card. So next week I am going to go buy the GTX 1660. I will let you know if this fix's it.
  12. Ok I reinstalled windows again and headset found again. I tried to delete my last post "firmware destroyed headset" But it wont let me. Ok here we go from the beginning. When I first bought this headset it did not work at all just a sold red light. This was May 29 it said "210 the compositor disconnected ". Then like a week later Vive came out with an update and it worked perfect till like July 7th. Thats when the problem started. It starts up Then after about a minute screen goes black audio goes out 222 error pops up. But it still tracks and audio goes to pc speakers and game still play
  13. I installed nvidia driver 446.14 after reinstalling windows
  14. I reinstalled windows and all software headset worked good. shut down when I restarted it said updating headset when it finished and started back up now it saids 001 headset not detected. No matter what I do or how many times I try to reinstall I get 001 headset not detected. I believeHTC should replace my headset this was very expensive
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