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  1. I just tried disconnecting and reconnecting the ribbons inside the controller and it still doesn't work sadly.
  2. I just tried connecting the controllers via USB to my PC but sadly it didn't work.
  3. I tried that but to no avail. I tested it on my brother's pc and both of them still won't track.
  4. forgot to add the buttons are still working normally just the controller wont track and on steamvr its just blinking.
  5. I was playing with my Vive yesterday and all of a sudden one of the controllers stopped tracking. It was late at night so after 2 hours of trying to fix it I gave up and went to bed. Woke up the next day and the controllers worked fine. Then while playing Pavlov the controller stopped tracking. After trying to fix it I gave up, and tried 2 hours later. I've been trying to fix this one controller for a while now and I'm hoping someone on here could help me. Thank you in advance.
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