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  1. I tried it with a FRESH install with the only peripherals attached were my mouse and keyboard, both logitech.
  2. I have a Vive Cosmos standard - Vive Wireless adapter System Specs 3800x 5700xt 20.4.2 drivers gigabyte b450m ds3h wifi motherboard, latest F50 bios. 1 TB NVMe I use to be able to play wireless no problem on this exact same setup. I reinstalled windows and then all of a sudden I can no longer use my wireless setup. I tried moving it to a PCIe 16x slot and 1x .. makes no difference. I tried all of the tricks and fixes to make this work. Wired works , with no issues. Things I have tried, manually setting PCIe to gen 3. Changing priorities all different versions of Drivers, unplugged all USB cables, changing Pstates for USB, and performance modes. etc.. So far nothing. I can't even read text to setup the room, It feels like there is no performance, but I have tons of CPU, and GPU isn't maxed, but steam is reporting frame times of 30ms or worse. I use to be ok with VIVE , products, but after this BS, I'm about to toss it out.
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